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rank amateurs

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by scooptdoo, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. scooptdoo

    scooptdoo Guest

    why do so many self proclaimed amateurs buy D300 or even D3's?just 10 years ago a nikon F5 cost about what a D300 cost with mb-d10 battery pack.but very rarely did even a well heeled amature spend that much on a camera body.besides camera bodys were kept for many years.its rediculuos to me for some newbi with mo money than sence trading off a 6 month old camera for the next newest thing in the hopes of instant stardom!
  2. Well trading up makes a little sense because unlike film, with digital the new technology as each new body progresses is usually a lot more significant than new bodies of film. Why people who are just getting into it spend so much on their first camera, that's hard to say. Probably because they believe spending more money will yield them a better camera and better pictures. I remember reading on another forum that some guy picked a D40x over the D40 because it cost more and he didn't want to cheap out on a camera.
  3. Jeff Jarvis

    Jeff Jarvis

    Sep 10, 2007
    Buy Quality/Own Quality
  4. scooptdoo

    scooptdoo Guest

  5. When I was a kid, I borrowed my Dad's SLR. But shortly after I got my first good paying job, I bought a Nikon Fotomic FTN, the very best SLR available to the general public. Back in those days, Nikon was light years ahead of Canon.

    It cost me significantly less than a weeks pay back then and although it was an important purchase, it didn't seem all that expensive. By the way, it came with a Nikkor-S 50mm F/1.4 lens, regarded as many as one of the best standard lenses ever produced. I wish I still had it.

    This camera did things few if any other cameras could, such as wide open, match needle metering. Plus it was solidly built, had features like field interchangeable focusing screens (which I changed frequently), etc. I was an amateur back in those days, but I took advantages of the leading edge of technology, such as it was.

    These days, now that my only income is from photography, I make do with second or third tier equipment because the really good stuff is too expensive for me to justify.

    Of course for me, "back in the day" means way way back. And I'm not talking back before Elton John was gay. I'm talking back before Little Richard was gay.
  6. eastley

    eastley Guest

    Im some bum, so I got a Nikon D60, one of the cheaper SLR's.

    Will I upgrade, yes I will, when? Dunno really.
  7. Hi there - I don't know how old Bob is but I started photography before Little Richard was born and still consider myself a rank amateur. But I have a passion about photography and an obsession with Nikon - been using them since the F Photomic. Nikon Acquisition Syndrome (NAS) is a recognized disease which is being fed by the mega-pixel myth and canny sales people. Most people never use their camera to it's full potential but most pro's and some of us "rank amateurs" do. I use a D3, D300, D2X, D2H and a D200. I normally carry 2 bodies with a lens combination chosen for what I expect/intend to shoot. When mooching about it's the D300 plus 18-200 VR. Nikon depends on rank amateurs like me to exercise their NAS and boost their profits so they can continue to develop the best cameras going. As you can see I don't trade off - each camera body has functions for me that I use, some more than others, and each has a niche in my style of amateurism. For me - the D3 and D300 allow me to take pictures in circumstances I could not have contemplated years ago - hence the "upgrade" - so please don't knock the "rank amateurs" like me - Nikon's next generation rely on us.
  8. "Hi there - I don't know how old Bob is but I started photography before Little Richard was born....."

    Well, I'm older than you are, according to your bio, and Little Richard was 13 when I was born, so perhaps we're talking about a different Little Richard. However, he claims to be a one-of-a-kind and I hope he's right. Zero Little Richards is too few, more than one is WAY too many.
  9. Why do amateur drivers buy Porsches or Ferraris?
  10. Because they want one and they have the money, that is the bottom line.
  11. Bingo! My point exactly. Why should anyone care if a newbie buys a D3??
  12. exactly...
    i have always loved photography
    i have been shooting since age 10 (thanks to my dad)
    i've worked VERY hard to get where i am today.... to be able to afford the photography equipment i own

    i am now, and will always be a mediocre (at best) photographer
    but.... i'm thrilled to be shooting what i am.... and, don't feel one bit bad about it (no offense to anyone intended)

  13. LOL
    very good point
  14. Spalding12, I'm thinking there are alot of us in the same boat including myself.
  15. Man, I feel like a YoYO!

    I've often asked (silently) or questioned myself with the same question that scooptdoo started us off with. I had for many years (and still have) a Nikon FM. IT was all the camera I needed. I'm up to a D2X now--my minister of the treasury and her assistants (my kids are in college) have "absconded " with all our $$, so no upgrade real soon!:frown:
    The YoYo part--I agree with all the contrasting sentiments expressed above. I know know the camera doesn't make the photographer, but yet I crave the latest and the best--while simultaneously avoiding the temptation to continuoulsy do so. There are times when I feel guilty of conspicuous consupmtion (buying because I can) and other times I feel impoverished (having a lowly D2X, while y'all paarde around with 300's and 3's!!

    Darned it I know the answer!!!!!:wink::eek: :biggrin::tongue:
  16. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
  17. quite frankly....
    it's a nice boat in which to be
  18. I was a pro photog for over 12 years; I made a living, but I didn't make any "real" money. There was no way I could afford the equipment I have today, and I see alot of pro photogs that can't afford it either. In fact I believe that Nikon could not be the business it is today just from pro photogs. Don't get me wrong there are a few big money photogs out there, but they are far out numbered by the just making a living ones. And then there are all the part-timers out horeing out their work for nothing, not even expenses.
  19. Love your honesty and wish more people would admit to mediocrity. I fit your description of yourself perfectly and couldn't have said it better. Just love photography and I think the D300 actually makes me a better photographer. I may be mediocre but my granddaughter thinks I'm the best. That's all I can ask.
  20. The same reason that many see a nice picture taken with ______ lens and say I have got to buy that lens. Hope springs eternal. Beside as has already been said, the want one and have the money to buy it.
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