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Hello All,
Is it possible to open my D7000 and D90 Raw files directly from Photoshop CS5 or must I open them first in Lightroom 3.3 or View NX2?

If you're using CS5, the default for RAW images will be to open in ACR. This is the RAW converter for PS... Correction, this will be the default if you are working out of Bridge. But if you have LR3, I don't see why you wouldn't use that first, and only open them in CS5 if you have more major retouching to do...
Ok, so I can import my raw files from LR to PS seemlessly if I have some advanced retouching to do, right?
Thanks for your reply.


Ok, so I can import my raw files from LR to PS seemlessly if I have some advanced retouching to do, right?
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, very easy.

You can also of course open them directly in Photoshop if you are not using LR.
From Lightroom just right click the image and choose "edit in Photoshop". The file will return from PS as a TIFF or PSD (set this in Preferences and I recommend TIFF) when you close the file and be in Lightroom automatically with the original file plus an additional "-edit".
There is no general need to open raw files direct in PS as the raw engine in PS (ACR) is the same as in Lightroom and you loose cataloging.
Well, support for the D7000 RAW files came in ACR 6.3 which is the most current ACR. I know Adobe added auto update for ACR to PSE, not sure on CS5 or how ACR updates work with LR. For CS5, you'll want to make sure you are current with ACR. Not sure on LR how they handle new changes in ACR, I would assume because LR 3.3 came out the same day as ACR 6.3 that it included support for RAW files from the D7000 and that future updates are part of the upgrades to the software until the next major release....

<edit> I see on ACR 6.3 it indicates for CS5 you just have to go to update (so it has an auto update feature as well).
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LR and ACR use the exact process engine so when updates come out, like adding new cameras to support, both LR and ACR get an update. If you'll notice, LR and ACR share the same DOT 3 upgrade. This was not always the case in earlier versions and Adobe has seen fit to make these(in the case for ACR &LR) dot upgrades match so there would be no confusion as to which one was the most current. And currently there is a dot 4 RC(Release Candidate) available.
If in bridge, file-open with- pick your selection.

If in bridge, Command+ R , and it opens in ACR which is the same conversion engine as LR. Double click on the file does the same thing. TIFF and JPEG will also open in ACR from Command+R.

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