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Raw Workflow for Sports shooters??

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by Jeff Mims, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Jeff Mims

    Jeff Mims

    May 25, 2005
    Not sure if this should go here, but since sportshooters gallery..is a gallery, thought I'd post the question here.
    It's been suggested it's easier and faster to shoot RAW, and process, than JPEG, especially shooting softball tournaments.
    Any help?
  2. GBRandy


    Feb 28, 2006
    Green Bay, WI
    Hummm I wouldn't say faster. But more flexible. I seem to recall that you had aperture...is that correct? If so, shooting raw and dumping out Jpegs is seamless. Use the export function and you have all kinds of Jpeg out put options....

    I used to use Bibble Pro...that was pretty nice as well but a bit unstable. Never lost a shot, but the program would crash after about an hour and I would need to restart....probably better now.
  3. Jeff
    I find that for the volume of shots one has to process from sporting events the extra step of shooting RAW for sports like football, baseball or any other outside sport is not needed.
    Now if you are in a mixed lighting situation where you are not strobing the event, like indoor volleyball or even night fotball, then RAW would be good to make WB corrections easier. For the most part I shoot all jpg just due to the volume of shots per event.

    Try to get in right in cam, cause PP is time and time is money.
  4. I'm with Mike on this one. When I shoot an outdoor swim meet, I know I am ISO 200 (D70) and I've got plenty of light. I also take about 1,000 photos so processing them in RAW just isn't an option. Jpeg it is for such events. Now if I could only find an economical photo viewer for my mac. Yes I know Photomechanic is the best, but I can't justify spending $150 for it. I use Nikon View on the PC, but it is horrid on the mac (not ub).
  5. jasonm

    jasonm Guest

    Sports Illustrated Workflow


    I read a pretty good article the other day on the workflow used by Sports Illustrated for the superbowl. They had 11 photographers shooting on the day and all had instructions to shoot Raw+jpeg. Once the cards were dowloaded they reviewed the jpegs (composition and sharpness, etc) and if worthy saved it and the raw file to a folder for processing later.

    While it wasnt directly mentioned it appeared that the reason for this workflow is that they had many thousands of shots to review and reviewing the jpegs was quicker than raw (due to smaller file size).

    I am probably what you would regard as a keen amatuer, but when I have started shooting Raw+jpeg and it has definately made my post processing a lot more efficient.
  6. Just this past weekend was 1300 shots at a Dog Agility event, I shot them all in RAW. There are a couple of reasons I do this, mainly that the light is variable, I'm shooting at multiple angles, and I can "fine tune". As others have mentioned, if I want to do a quick Web presentation, I just export the JPG's, but there is what I normally do:

    1. In the Viewer of your Choice, PM/ViewNX/View/BreeszeBrowser/Digital Pro review all the images and delete the bad ones, about 30% of mine immediately hit the Recycle bin
    2. Open 8-10 in NX from different times of the day.
    3. Apply my "normal" base settings for sharpness, WB and such, and tweak for levels/D-Lighting so they all look "decent".
    4. Copy the settings, run a batch process converting to JPG
    5. Use Ditto through Bridge to resize and compress for the web

    The whole process is a couple hours of my time, most of it culling the images. The "long pole" in the time is Step #4, NX processes about 3 images per minute on my system this way, so I start it up and go to bed :biggrin:

    Then I can use either the NEF to finalize any prints purchased or the full size JPG, most often the full size JPG is quite good enough, but once in a while I go back to the NEF, so I like having them around. The downside is that I go through a lot of cards, filled 3 and part of a fourth on Sunday.

    For me the tradeoff is worth the flexibility, and given that the longest time I can do when I am off doing something else, it doesn't really affect me much.
  7. Bill, buy bigger cards?

  8. I've been thinking about PhotoMechanic myself. But last week out of desparation I reloaded the Windows RAW Convertor that I had on the machine years ago, and used it. Was able to browse both RAW and JPEG full screen and delete as I went...something I've been looking for.

    This seems to work okay for my D50 and D1H, but it doesn't look like Microsoft has kept development up on this free download, so I suspect it may not work on later raw files. Anybody here have any experience using it with recent cameras? Or do I just wait until the D3 and then see/go to PhotoMechanic if I need to?

  9. Larry, that is certainly an option. One reason I decided to generally work this way was to not have 2 full sets of files around all the time. The second one was so that I could "tweak" all the JPGS in a batch prior to posting on the web. To be completely honest about my workflow, I have tried it both ways, from RAW as well as just JPG, and rarely do I have to go back to the RAW, but when I do it can really help, so I take the hit on some overnight processing. Heck, I'm asleep anyway :biggrin:
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