Re: Playback of photos - help

Feb 4, 2005
Virginia Beach, Virginia
I was wondering if I maybe didn't set the right setting on the camera to have the playback not work properly?

The problem is after I take a picture and the camera stops reading, I press the view button and sometimes the picture comes up and most of the time it doesn't for preview.

What do you think the problem may be?

Also I lost my manual so if you could tell me where I set the setting for preview, I would appreciate it. Also where can I download a copy of the manual on the internet?

Thanks so much for the help,
May 8, 2005
Orlando, FL
The length of time the monitor stays on is set via Custom Setting c5.

Not sure what your problem is, but mine is prone to the same thing.


there are custom settings, in camera that control, playback. i do not remember where they are, possibly in set up, menus. that is where you can define, what you would like to see after a photo is taken. check for these custom settings.
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