Ready for landing

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  1. The blue hour, that's a moment I love when ordinary things and scenery seem to breathe. It only last for a short moment, but it is an open window to something much broader. It was a little late, and dark and it lacks a counterpoint (a plane, or the moon in the UR), but I find it worth a blink.


    Nikon D70
    2005/08/21 20:08:48.9
    Compressed RAW (12-bit)
    Image Size: Large (3008 x 2000)
    Lens: 70-200mm F/2.8 D
    Focal Length: 85mm
    Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
    Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
    1/5 sec - F/8
    Exposure Comp.: -1.0 EV
    Sensitivity: ISO 200
    Optimize Image: Custom
    White Balance: Auto
    AF Mode: AF-S
    Flash Sync Mode: Not Attached
    Color Mode: Mode IIIa (sRGB)
    Tone Comp.: User-Defined Custom Curve
    Hue Adjustment: 0ยก
    Saturation: Enhanced
    Sharpening: Normal
    Image Comment:
    Long Exposure NR: Off
  2. Very unique and compelling image Christian. Is that an actual building? Kind of has an outer space satellite platform look to it.
  3. Hi Gordon.
    This is the head of the mast that supports (see the wires ?) the suspended roof of the olympic stadium in Montreal. The evocation of a spaceship (a la "Encounter of the third kind") is what I also tried to translate in the title.
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  4. Hi Christian -

    The "Blue Hour" - I like that term!

    I like your shot, too - before I read your description, I was thinking perhaps it was a ski-jumping ramp without a covering of snow . . .

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