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Recall Turnaround Time

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by ibcj, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. ibcj


    Dec 19, 2006
    New York
    I sent mine in for the recall asap, because I want it back asap.

    Just wondering if anyone has received their D5000 back from Nikon and how long it took.

    UPS shows they received mine on 7/28. I'll post again when I get it back.
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  2. i-gor

    i-gor Guest

    Mine was received last Monday. Today it came back. Looks and works good so far :smile:
  3. I just bought the D5000 so I would have something to shoot with until my D700 came back from having the sensor cleaned.. now I have to sent IT off??

    Geez Louise..:frown:
  4. Mine was received on August 3. I'll update when I get it back.
  5. DeAnnaLandry

    DeAnnaLandry Guest

    Newbie here...eight days from the time mine was sent out until it was back in my hands.
  6. Ten minutes for me.:smile:

    My local service agent called me when they had a replacement body (new stock, unaffected by service advisory). Drove out, parked my car, gave them the old one, signed a receipt, got the new one... off I went.

    Very happy with that!

  7. Wow, nice!! Now that's a quick turnaround! :biggrin:
  8. ibcj


    Dec 19, 2006
    New York
    I still don't have mine back yet after 10 working days (14 days total). I called Nikon service, but because it went to a special facility and the turnaround is supposed to be quick, they don't have any type of numbers to reference the service. The special facility is only a few hours drive from me, so I'm sure the delay isn't with a shipping company. While I do have another body, I'm still frustrated. :mad: 
  9. I recieved my D5000 back from Nikon yesterday, August 11. They had it a total of 7 working days. Not a bad turn around time considering the number of cameras they have to work on. The body was returned in a box as sent, with no additional paperwork or service receipts.
  10. DeAnnaLandry

    DeAnnaLandry Guest

    New Service Advisory: Recall Turnaround Time

    Today UPS showed up at my door unexpectedly with a delivery from Nikon. This package contained a box with shipping materials, prepared address labels and a letter.

    Paraphrased Letter:

    Thanks for sending your camera in, unfortunately we didn't get it right the first time so we need you to send it in again. However, this time we've sent you all necessary materials to resend and we'll cover costs to overnight it to us and back to you.

    Sorry for your Inconvenience,

    Has anyone else received this letter?
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  11. I just found out today about the whole Service Advisory situation..... Although the serial number indicates that mine does need to be shipped to them, I am reluctant to send in my camera, as it's been working just fine and clearly there are some issues with the repair if people are being asked to send their already-repaired one back for a second repair. As far as I can tell from my searching around on the internet, the second repair situation is legitimate, not a scam. What a pain for people who'd already sent theirs in, received it back and thought they were all set!
  12. new2dSLR

    new2dSLR Guest

    Is this a problem with newly purchased D5000s as well? I'm going to buying one from amazon.com later tonight (Sep 1, 2009) or tomorrow. Could there still be this problem?

  13. WhoaWhoa

    WhoaWhoa Guest

    A high-volume seller like Amazon is unlikely to still have the original batch of cameras that have this problem. You'll likely be fine ordering from them.
  14. timber


    Aug 11, 2009
    Great turnaround time.

    Sent it off on 8/26. Recieved on 9/1:) 
  15. Ron S

    Ron S Guest

    question: If a person orders from a company like B&H or Newegg, can they tell you the serial number before and make sure it's not an older affected one before you order?
  16. D300fan


    Mar 30, 2008
    What is the service recall?

    I purchased a new D5000 yesterday and haven't heard anything on this recall. Can someone tell me what it is, and tell me what lot of cameras it is?

  17. D300fan


    Mar 30, 2008
    Should I send my camera in?

    I purchased a new D5000 last week, not knowing there was a recall. I went over to Nikon's site and put in my serial number, and it showed that my cameras serial number didn't fall into the range for recalls. Should I be safe / trust Nikon:confused: ?

  18. You're in great shape then! :smile:
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