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  1. So I haven't posted in a while... been so busy! I'm still learning with the D100... tell me what you think...

    I have to say, coming from a bigger viewing screen, my only main gripe is the small screen... which might be better at teaching me to rely more on 'me'.








    4- ran this through an urban acid action
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  2. #4 is very good............ love the colours and light.

  3. Thanks Graeme... I like the urban acid wash for senior pics... I guess with 101 views and only one comment, I'll keep practicing!
  4. OK take my opinion with a grain of salt because that's about how much it's worth but...

    1. funky shadow behind her head kinda kills the whole thing. That's the first thing I noticed.

    2. Looks like the faces are underexposed because the background is so bright. Crop a little off the top.

    3. Same thing with exposure. Nice shot here ! Maybe a little tighter crop.

    4. I like the acid wash look also. Maybe a little to much room above the head.

    Just my opinion of course. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination.