recommended 27-30" wide gamut monitors

Sep 17, 2010
Ontario Canada
I have a new computer on the way and am looking for a good 27-30" monitor. I work in pro photo in capture Nx2.26 and I am looking for a wide gamut monitor. Currently I am looking at the Dell ultra sharps. HP 30" and the NEC line . I use a Spyder 3 elite and print with an Epsom 2880. I would like to keep it under 1000$. I will use it primarily for photography and my Samsung is not cutting it. Any help would be welcomed. TAzz
Mar 4, 2006
Newcastle, Wa
Under $1000, Wide Gamut and 27-30", the rules any good NEC out. If you can still find a LCD2690WUXi2, that would be closest. But it isn't quite 27" and I would recommend the Spectraview versions as they write the hardware calibration directly to the monitor, not the video card.
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