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  1. I think this can go in the lens lust section - if not just move it...

    Something pretty lame but exciting happened to me today and I wanted to tell the story. I've dabbled in both digital & film photography and my first camera in High School was a Nikon 35mm SLR with the late 70's era Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens on it that my mom bought before I was even born. Anyway I used this camera for a while before it was stolen while I was in school. I never thought much of it at the time but I recently wanted to "recreate" the feeling I had with the lens so I began searching for a Nikon Series E. I know they're pretty easy to come by and can generally be bought for under $30 bucks at the flea market or ebay, but I wanted one that was flawless so I've been searching for quite a while. So on Friday I stumbled on a craigslist ad which had a large amount of Nikon film equipment for sale. I noticed the Nikon 50mm Series E f1.8 and to make a long story short eventually met up with the guy and purchased the lens for $30. I was surprised when I got home today because the lens is immaculate. Aside from a small amount of dust in the lens (doesn't affect picture quality) it's brand new. And to make things even better he added the case, a lens cap, a rear lens cap, a 52mm UV filter and a 52mm +3 macro filter. All for $30. Even better condition than the lens on my moms old camera that was stolen. Awesome :D

    I just wanted to let some of you know you don't need to shell out 1-2k to get excited about a "new" lens. :smile:

    On a side note - anyone know how to get dust out the lens? Can I send it off somewhere. I don't care as for the price, this lens is somewhat special to me.

    Check the pics I took today when I got home from work. All are at f1.8 and the first two have the +3 macro filter on.





  2. Congratulations on your purchase. That was the first Nikon lens I purchased back in the 1980s with my FG. I still have both and enjoy using them still. Your copy with the chrome ring was made between 1981 and 1985. Nikon made over 1.6 million of them.