Red Shoulders nesting

Well this will be the 5th year for this pair of Red Shoulder Hawks here in Willow and I was finally able to get a peek in their nest today and was able to make 3 young and maybe a fourth. I watched in the scope for quite a while and then tried for some photos. As you can see the line of sight into that nest has many things in the way but I figured if I take enough photos a few will turn up OK. Not great light today as it was on and off with the sun but as they get a bit larger I have a good spot where I can set up a blind and a long glass and my chair. Quite a few here so I put them in a slide show for viewing. In the begining the male just came in with a mole and Mom is feeding those very little PUFFS of white.

Click on link and I hope you enjoy.
Boy those are some nice shots. The babies are really tiny.
Thanks Gale Yes they were late this year getting down on eggs. I found her incubating on April 14 and on the 15th. we had about 16 inches of snow so I was a bit worried about her being able to keep them warm. The nest was a big mound of white but it looks like Mother Nature took care of them.
Hope to be posting an eagle banding trip I did last Thursday withthe DEC. Good day but the sun Gods were not good.