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  1. Greetings

    We have a multi-season RTH pair that uses a big pine tree right outside our front door. Last year they had three chicks and all three made it to fledgling. Highly unusual according to our local raptor experts!!!

    This year again saw three chicks. However, one chick was booted from the nest somewhere around week one. :cry: The second fell from the nest about a week ago and our 'neighbor' Dave hustled it off to the vet (and then onto to the raptor center). The third little 'guy' took a dive this morning. Dave got a ladder and put it back up in the tree but the little guy was on the ground about 2 hours later. Anyway, we grabbed the little guy and Dave hustled him off to the vet. The hawk parents were indeed upset and we saw and heard them "crying" from the nest. :( These raptors are devastating killers but make no mistake about it they have a very precarious upbringing.

    Note: If it had been 1-2 more weeks the last chick probably could have survived in the nesting area.

    Here's a pic of the nest with a chick about 1-2 weeks old: taken on 5/07.

    Twenty days later (today) the last of the three chicks is seen here on a very low branch of the pine tree. He looks pretty big here, eh. That's what a 300mm lens will do. :wink:

    And finally (sadly) here's the same chick (quite PO'd) getting ready for his trip to the vet and raptor center. Notice how very small and frail he/she looks.

    The locals here jealously guard this nest and we've been known to chase off the tree trimmers when they show up. :lol: We'll, unfortunately that's it for "our" little family this year. The adult RTH's will probably hang around for another week or two and then we'll just see them on an occasional basis. Next year they will be back.......... and the local rabbits will be none too happy about that.

  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Great story, and great pictures John. Sorry that your little family didn't stay together longer, but hopefully they will survive thanks to all of your efforts.
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