Red Wings win Game 4

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by steveking, May 7, 2011.

  1. Exciting game tonight, and the playoff beards are still growing!!

    1 - Al the Octopus

    2 - and a real one hits the ice before the game starts

    3 - an exciting start and this chance almost went in the net

    4 - and some nifty glove work kept this one out

    5 - this one goes in!

    6 - Jonathan Ericsson gets dumped in his own crease

    7 - lining up for the faceoff

    8 - Todd Bertuzzi

    9 - GREAT Jube on the game winner!!
  2. Nice set Steve. About time the Dead Things woke up in this series. I can't say I cheer for them a whole lot, but I do in this series. Boy Lidstrom looked great tonight for an old guy. Second all-time now in playoff points by a D man. In #6, that's gonna be painful in about 1/2 a second!
  3. Thanks again DJ. Yes Nick is looking very good, and #2 did hurt in two ways, Ericsson fell on his can and then due to that Howie was blocked and the Sharks scored their 2nd goal.
    That goal in the 3rd was sweet! The puck is in, the home team wins, the good ol' hockey game!
  4. Some stellar images Steve, love the celeb one!
  5. KJM83


    May 5, 2010
    Livonia, MI
    Great set Steve.
    I really like #7, the way the refs have been tossing guys from the face off, my perspective on this shot is there next in line (lol). I realize their positioning is planned, but I just can't get over the # of centers getting tossed out?
    The first 4 games have been so close I'm still holding out hope the series will tilt Detroit's way.
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