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  1. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA
    I shot this in one of the back ponds early Saturday morning at Merrit Island in early this a "Reddish Heron"? Is there a real name for this bird?

  2. Jim,

    We have about worn out the backbone of the Sibley Guide trying to figure all the birds out!

    I can get this one down to three choices.

    1) Little Blue Heron - dark all over, bluish bill, Greenish legs

    2) Reddish Egret (Dark Morph) - Adult should have yellow beak with dark tip, paler overall than Little Blue Heron - Juvenile has blue beak, but very pale body, dark legs

    3) Juvenile Tri-colored Heron - Reddish neck, very long bill, Yellow legs.

    Without seeing the legs, it is even harder to tell.

    My guess is a Little Blue Heron - listed as common in MINWR, while the Reddish Egret is uncommon.

    Bob & Nan
  3. GeeJay


    Jan 26, 2005
    Hi Jim,

    I'm pretty sure this picture that I'm posting is a 'Little Blue Heron'... I took it at Corkscrew Swamp in the fall. I don't think it looks like yours---but we need someone who really knows to identify these.

    Janet knows and so does Harry..hope they check in on this post.


  4. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    I believe that it is a Reddish Egret.

    Whatever it is, nice shot.... :p


  5. If it is a Reddish Egret I think it must be a Juvenile since Sibley shows the adult with a real two-tone look of slate grey body and almost pumpkin neck and head. He describes the Juvenile color as pale chalky. There can also be rare intermediates(?)

    A look at the legs would really help.

    We took this one and I thought it to be a Reddish Egret but the yellow legs made Nan think it a Juvenile Tri-colored Heron, the neck and head looks the same color as Jim's:

    Gaye, yours is certainly a Little Blue Heron.

    Anyone ever seen/photographed an adult Reddish Egret?

    Bob & Nan
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    This is a Reddish Egret

    I found this Reddish Egret at MWR a couple weeks prior to the shoot. The Mirror Image I posted was also a Reddish at the Fla Session.


    View attachment 5650

    He also doesnt stalk his prey, from what I saw, He dances all over the place chasing it. Quite a character to watch.

  7. Thanks Gale, this is what I was looking for to match the Sibley drawing.

    Light bill with dark tip
    Black legs
    Significant difference in color between head/neck and body. Body light grey, head/neck red-orange.

    Based on your photo, I think Jim's bird and the one I photographed is not a Reddish Egret, at least not an adult.

  8. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA
    Actually, I would rather that the bird I shot wasn't a true reddish heron...they are kinda clutzy looking :)
  9. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Clutz ????

    Who called me a clutz

    I'm not a Heron, I am and Egret

  10. Nice reflection......WOW!!!