Refurbished CF cards. Yeh or Neh?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nburwell, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. In the search for the lowest possible price on either the SanDisk Ultra II and Lexar Professional 1gb CF cards, I was on ebay and stumbled upon a seller who was selling refurbished SanDisk Ultra II 1gb CF cards for $75 with penny shipping. The cards are warranted by SanDisk to be free from manufacturer's defects for one year. My main concern is that I'm going on two trips in August, and I want a card that I can rely on besides the two that I currently own. So what I'm trying to get it is this; are refurbished cards as trustworthy as new cards?
  2. Ken-L

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    I would be willing to bet they are as good as new ones, but I probably would not be willing to buy one either, not when I can get a brand new one from B&H for $89.95
  3. If you're not tied to Lexar or Sandisk brands for your CF cards, ZipZoomFly has Kingston Elite Pro 2gb CF cards for $96 shipped (2 day Fed Ex) after $20 rebate.

    Or Kingston Elite Pro 1gb CF cards for $58.50 shipped (2 day Fed Ex) after $10 rebate. htp://

    These Kingston Elite Pro cards write at 8mb/sec. The Sandisk Ultra II cards write at 9mb/sec.

    I got the 2gb Kingston Elite Pro and it's working fine.

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