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Rehearsal photos

Discussion in 'People' started by Uncle Frank, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. Yesterday I covered the rehearsal for Sunday's celebration. The site's event coordinator showed me around, which was a treat. She's a charming young lady.

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    I'm crazy for flower girls. This one is an absolute doll!

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    The ring bearer was cruising around on sneakers with built in wheels, so I had to catch him in motion.

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    After he wore out, I posed him with the flower girl.

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    The bride looked a little apprehensive...

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    ... until she was with her groom. But she seem to have transfered her apprehensiveness to him!

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    I'll be working with a videographer for the first time, which makes me a little apprehensive. She will have 3 cameras stationed to catch every motion and sound during the ceremony... and I hate the thought of tiptoe-ing around to grab the stills.

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    The ceremony will take place in front of this wishing-well. My friend, Dale, wasn't a very enthusiastic stand-in for the groom, but the lighting test was a success :cool: .

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    The bride is beautiful, the groom is handsome and the venue is rich with awesome backgrounds, so Sunday's session should be productive.

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  2. That looks like a fun wedding to do Frank and you were smart to do some testing ahead of time. The wedding coordinator is a beauty for sure and the bride is very nice as well. Good luck with this.
  3. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    nice work Frank ...;-))
  4. Nice work Frank. Beautiful bride and wedding coordinator.
  5. nykonian


    May 4, 2007
    New York
    Nice, Uncle Frank. Did you use the "Beast" for these photos?
  6. Awesome shots Frank. The colors in the last one are incredible. Good luck tomorrow.
  7. Great shots with positive vibes!

    So, where's the ones from the big day??
  8. Thanks, guys. I've had a very busy weekend. I shot my Bengali Bride's Gaye Holud on Saturday, and her civil ceremony/reception today. I'm only halfway through the editing process.

    The Gaye Holud is is a ceremony observed mostly in the region of Bengal. For yesterdays event, the bride and groom were seated on a dais, and henna was used to decorate their hands with elaborate abstract designs. Guests approached the dias one-by-one, and applied turmeric paste to the bride and groom's foreheads, and then fed them sweets. Following, there was a feast for the guests.

    I set up two sb800 to light the dias area, and triggered them with an su800, which allowed me freedom to shoot from various perspectives without making changes. Here's my setup...

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    ... and some same shots.

    The bride and groom and her son.

    View attachment 106005

    The groom's family.

    View attachment 106006

    A guest, putting tumeric paste on the bride.

    View attachment 106007

    There was no shortage of beautiful ladies and winsome children to photograph.

    View attachment 106008

    View attachment 106009

    But the star of the show was my Bengali Bride!

    View attachment 106010
  9. Great shots and very nice subjects. I can't wait to pick up an SU800!!
  10. Love the shot of the bride. So colorful and the lighting is excellent.
  11. Good stuff!
    Fun to see the setup, too. I wouldn't have used Two 45 degree lights though. The lighting is a bit funky but still, the clients will like them.

    How was the 12-24 experience if you used it at all?
  12. Frank, good group of shots; I think the last one (of the bride) is exceptional.
  13. The lighting setup was dictated by the stage and table arrangements. I couldn't block the guests from seeing the event, so the corners of the dias were the best I could think of. Please explain the "funky" comment. Colors, shadows, ???
    Interesting. I tried out Philippe's Tokina at the very end of the day, for the get-away shots.

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    View attachment 106012

    View attachment 106013

    View attachment 106014

    It's a sweet lens, but then I looked at the rendering frommy 20/2.8, and it was pretty sweet, too. I still need to decide if I really need a WA zoom.

    View attachment 106015
  14. Thanks, Dave. Interesting to note that the one of the bride is the only one in the set where I used my 85/1.4. Go figure :rolleyes: .
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