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  1. I've spent any free time I've had in the last couple of months working on sets of pictures from Cuba.
    The National Ballet of Cuba was on tour but we wandered into a workshop for trainees.

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    Excellent choice of shutter speed! The number of performers (three) is very are the variety of facial views (full view, profile, no view!). Nothing to distract the viewer from the subjects!
  3. Thnx
  4. Love its simplicity, the contrast--floor vs.wall and the dress of the 3 dancers. Bravo.
  5. Lew,
    Wonderful photo.
    Simple, clean and free of distractions and beautifully composed.
    Minor nits: "Horizon" where floor and wall meet is not level, but rises to our right, and there is an horizontal line on wall that runs through the head of the central figure. If that line was cloned out, it would then be easy to correct the tilt.
    However whether you do or don't I enjoy this shot very much.
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  6. I like the combination of motion and stillness. Well done. The angle in the background isn't optimal, but it doesn't really distract from the quality of shot.
  7. I've thought about that tilt a bit, and I now think it adds to the shot--all 3 dancers are so different in size and placement that the tilt slightly adds to this "imbalance".
  8. Thank you.
    I can’t believe how many times I looked at and didn’t see the tilt.
    Will deal with that damned line also.
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