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  1. Hello.

    Not far away from my home (approx. 90 miles) there is a beautiful region in Germany called "Eifel". It has lots of hills and woods, small valleys and nice tiny lakes.

    A few centuries ago, tens of thousands of soldiers have to die here, because some reckless politicians meant it would be a great idea to start a war. This last line of defense was known as "Westwall" or "Siegfried line". A lot of victims on both sides, shortly before the war ended.

    Now there are still remains in the woods and on the fields. Fortunately, a lot of them are meeting places for the older generations of many countries involved, which prevents to let this happen again.

    Remarks are always welcome.




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  2. Excellent captures Mattes... I am glad they left them in place as a reminder.
  3. Trey USAF

    Trey USAF Guest

    Nice shots Mattes. Thx.
  4. Nice dragon's teeth but . . .

    . . . the Siegfried line was actually constructed just before the second world war, IIRC (so something more like 70 years ago),

    When I was stationed in Germany years ago I ran into a lot of different concrete structures and bunkers abandoned in the woods, reminders of a terrible time in human history to be sure, but interesting none the less.

  5. I am always fascinated by stuff like this, thank you for sharing!! :smile:
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