Remnant of autumn

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  1. The last colorful leaves with a nice stone with the face of a young person on it.

  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Excellent rock formation shape. Well spotted. You amaze me.

    Nice color in the background and good DOF

    I think you would make a great artist.
  3. Gilles, I'm certainly appreciating these last few shots you've posted! Good job!!
  4. Gilles,

    This is image is beautiful. It is so colorful, almost breathtaking. Fantastic!
  5. The same picture taken from a different angle, it make quite a difference in the appearance of the stone and the profile on it.

  6. I like the second one better. Very nice.
  7. Hi Gilles,

    Very observant, I can definite see the face of the young person! Great images, especially the saturated autumn colours.

  8. Leaves in a small brook, I went 3 days after to take a different angle shot but all the leaves were gone.

  9. Gilles,

    This image is stunning. Please share your camera and lens settings.
  10. Crystall all the pictures were taken with the D2X and VR70-200, i use a gitzo tripod with a RRS BH 55 pro head.
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