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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PhotoDawg, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Just purchased a remote control for my D70. Not sure what I will use it for. I had the idea of using it on Monte Sano this Spring to take family photos. Has anyone used the wireless remote before and if so, for what?
  2. gho


    Feb 7, 2005
    I use one of those universal remotes. I use it for tripod mounted shots, since the D70 doesn't have a cable release socket.

    The only problem is you have to aim the remote to the FRONT of the camera. Would have been much better if you could trigger it from behind.
  3. I paid double retail for one when I needed it in a hurry (thanks, eBay). I had a panorama job in a dimly lighted hall and the exposures were going to be in the seconds. Rather than use the self timer, I just cranked them off using the remote. Also, when shooting a 360 in daylight, or in a room with mirrors (God forbid!), you can use the self timer/remote to get out of the picture, or reduce the shadow of the camera rig so when you retouch it in PS there is less work to do. At least Nikon makes a little pouch for it so you won't lose it like all those other little gadgets that seem to disappear. Oh, by the way, I picked up a Hoodman magnifier for my D-70, and consider it to be a good investment. Check out their line at

  4. I will. Thanks for the info. I have never shot a panoramic shot before. Is it tough to do?
  5. Panoramas

    They are not hard to do, but can be tricky. You have to make sure if you change lenses to reset the parallax corrections and all must be shot on manual focus, exposure and white balance. The rig has to be level, etc. I use a program called Stitcher by to do the stitching. The low end stuff sort of works, but Stitcher kind of blows me away with the way it can convert all the images in the folder to make distortion corrections, etc.

    I just did a job for the Shriners in Maine. You can go to their site and check it out. The webmaster put it up, all I did was create the images and panoramas for it.

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