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  1. I get so frustrated trying to resize photos after processing so that i can upload them to smugmug for posting on this site. originals are 9.79 X 14.29 at 300dpi. If I drop the dpi to 72 and change them to 4 X 6 they are way to small when they get on this site. I have an image I wish to submit for the cafe challange, but I want to preserve as much of the quality as possible when posting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Try this. First convert to sRBG. Then change resolution to 72dpi; then change the size to no more than 900 pixels wide. That's all the forum will permit. Save and upload and link.

  3. Thank you Rich. convert to srgb in capture or photoshop?
  4. Rich

    Is it 900 wide?

    Or 960 as listed in this post:

    Thanks for the resize tips. When I resize I just use the resize tool in PSP. Would it be better to use your process?

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  5. Here is how I resize for posting on the web, I do my PP in capture and then bring into PS, I then crop and then choose image size and make the long side 800 pixels.
    I then apply my final sharpening whichever way you are comfortable. I then frame and sign and then choose save as and then save a jpg with the quality slider so my pictures are between 240 to 300 K each this is listed in the bottom of the dialog box and you change the slider. Any questions please feel free to PM or email me
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