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  1. How do I resize images in Picture Project. My images are currently 3008x2000. I want to resize them to save them to CD's so they don't take up so much room and therefore I can save more per CD.

  2. You should be able to fit oodles of six megapixel images on a CD, as long as they're saved as jpegs (Level 10 is a good compromise between quality and compression). Try not to resize them if possible.

    CDs are dirt cheap - any reason why you are skimping?
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    Nov 18, 2007

    Depends on what your final desired outcome is.

    True that:
    20-40 cents each. depending on what you want as a finish on top. CDs
  4. A 3000x2000 image as a jpeg shouldn't be more than 1mb max. So if you figure it out. Thats 4700 images per DVD.

    I can't imagine you have more than maybe 2-3 DVD's worth?

    I wouldn't resize them in fear that you may want the full quality shots down the road.

    Or did you consider an external harddrive, storage space is pretty cheap nowadays...