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Resolution of D2H and D70

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by triangular, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. I currently have a D2H (not the 's' version) and contemplating the purchase of a D70, not only as a backup, but for any possible increase of resolution at larger print sizes. If this is true (from the 2 MP difference), then it would likely replace my D2H for studio portraiture. If its not true, then I don't really need it as a backup.

    All in all the D2H is much more of a camera. I can get both large prints as well as good color out of mine, though it can take a bit of work. Still, I can't help but notice the superb color and saturation of D70 images I find all over the web, with little to comapare with most D2H images I typically find online. It could just be that there are more D70 users posting images out there, or that they are using the D70 in a different way than most D2H users.

    If I had both cameras I would experiment by taking the same images, attempt to acheive the same colors and saturations, enlarge the same amount (greater than 8X12), print and check for differences between fine details as well as tonal ranges. I haven't seen any such tests between these two cameras, probably because they are not marketed in the same areas.

    I know some of you own both D2H and D70. Can you please tell me what, if any major benefit you receive from the extra 2 MP the D70 gives you? Or any perceived difference in the ability to process a broader range of tonal ranges? I'm primarily interested in the difference I might get where there is a lot of skin tone and texture, such as nudes under model lighting (also high contrast areas). Does the D70 capture, process and hold more detail under the scrutiny of editing and then printing at larger sizes, as compared to the D2H?

    Please tell me what you can. Any input would be highly valued. Thanks.
  2. twig


    May 23, 2005
    IF you intend to crop significantly, the extra pixels may help. But if you are in studio you should be using thep roper lens to fil lyour frame, in which case the D2H 4MP is every bit as good as the 6MP of the D70 I would suspect.

    I think Bjorn did a comparison on his site.
  3. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    The resolution increase isn't more than 22% (planar), so is really not decisive. Both cameras, used properly, are capable of making great-looking shots.

    Depending on your shooting needs, either camera is "better", but I suggest it is easier going from D70 to D2H than the other way around.
  4. OK, it sounds like it's not really worth the money to purchase a D70 (and its extra 2MP) for the purpose of having more resolution at larger print sizes. And I guess the general truth is that both D2H and D70 are equally capable of the same color, contrast and tonal ranges?

    If this is true, I guess I would have to step up to a D2X to appreciate any real difference from the D2H output. I just wanted to be sure about that. Thanks for the input.
  5. twig


    May 23, 2005
    The D70 is better at high ISOs (anything over 400 the D70 looks better, anything over 800 is much better IMO).
    The D70 has a higher flash synch speed if that matters.

    Probably the AWB in the D2H is better.

    Again, in a studio where you are not photographing fast action, where you can set your WB easily or use a grey card, where you don't have to crop, etc. I think you will see little difference.

    So, it does not make sense to dump your d2h for a d70, however if you needed a second camera for studio use, the D70 is a cheap way to fill your need.

    The big perks of the d2h (weather sealing, robust build, vertical grip, fast AF) are more of a benefit in the field than in the studio.

    You would be looking at a d2x to upgrade your resolution and ability to print extremely large.
  6. I have both. Bought the D70 as a backup last year when the D2H was in for meter repair/replacement. I often shoot with both, and have them set up as close as possible to each other. Biggest difference is in AF. D2H just snaps right in, D70 gets there, and not painfully either. As to color, I find them quite close. Noticed this first last Football season when my partner started shooting with a D70, had been a Fuji S1. I commented that all of our stuff looked very similar, his comment was that yes, the look was much more the same, but I simply got "more of them". As to printing, I haven't seen a difference worth speaking of.
  7. Johan


    Jun 18, 2005
    Dear Traingular,

    I only have a D70 so not the real guy you are looking for. But I do have some print experience with it. I have made a print of a race car, I shot that picture on a very cloudy day with spells of rain. I made that image on iso 500, shutterspeed was 160/s with the 80-200mm f/2.8 lens. I was astounished that the print turned out very bright and almost noiseless. I'm very happy with the result.
    The dimensions of this poster are 75 cm x 50 cm.

    I don't think you have to have any doubts when it comes to the print capabilities of D70's images :) 

    Kind Regards

  8. Yeah, I think the D70 handles noise at higher ISO's much better than the D2H. But good exposure is the key, especially with D2H. I think noise is the most important element to control when enlarging D2H output. If you can do that, it's comparable to D70. This is the conclusion I've come to anyway.
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