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restore image to new computer

Discussion in 'PC/Windows/Linux' started by wembley, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. wembley


    Mar 26, 2006
    Naples, Fl
    I'm not a regular visiter to this forum (mostly Birds) but wanted some input. My computer is down so I'll only get a chance to read responses every other day or so. Bear with me also as I'm not the most computer literate. Clean install, reformatting HD's and imaging a HD are all new to me!!

    My use of the laptop is just general work stuff (ms office 2003) photo editing (NC 4.4 and elements 2 for D2H raw files) e mail and internet and itunes (13gb of music). No gaming and not much movement. I am coming from a gateway AMD 80gb, 512mb laptop bought in Nov 2004.

    I should be switching out my old laptop next week. I have my full 80gb hard drive imaged on an external HD. I imaged it thinking it would be easier in that I wouldn't need to re-install software and product keys (is this correct?). I also have a lot of presets and plug-ins in elements (curves ,layer masks) and other stuff which I don't know I'd find again.
    The old laptop had xp home as OS. So I get a new computer and its going to have some version of Vista and a larger HD. When I do a restore of the old HD to the new cpu will I have problems? I am using R-Drive Image 4.0. Is the restore from one OS to another or one size HD to another straight forward? Or should I keep XP or use a dual boot system ( I have no idea how to actually achieve this so if this is the way to go send me a link).

    Next ques what laptop? I have a psp from Bestbuy that will replace the old laptop (4 service orders) and should have around $1399 for the new laptop. I have looked at the notebookreview.com website posted in another thread here also. 2gb memory is easily achieved in this price range. I like the Toshiba with 2 HD's totalling 220gb with 15.4 screen ($1299). ( I read that 2 HD's are useful for editing especially if I go to NX). Theres also a 17 inch toshiba (120gb HD) with similar specs a little cheaper. Should I go with a 17 in screen (photo editing is most of what i do) or a dual HD system? If I use the dual HD system is it easier (viable?) to run both vista and XP to make my restore easier? I have also read that VISTA home is not worthwhile, but lapToPs in this price range have VISTA business or some other version so is that worth it? what about an HP6000dv system i saw someone recomend. Best buy also said the new computers come out every 1/4 and within 2 weeks the new models will be on the shelf. Do I wait for one of them? Or should I switch to a MAC and pay a few extra dollars (is it harder to migrate my image to a MAC?), but also MAC options at bestbuy seem to be limited.

    Well, lots and lots of questions. Any help or advice from fellow cafe members would be greatly appreciated!! Im excited about a new laptop and the extra performance it will bring, but I want to keep the image restore as pain free as possible.

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 5, 2007
  2. If you restore your old full HD image to a new computer it will be disasterous. It may not run at all and even if it did XP will go mad over validation issues.

    Your drive image program, which I have not used, should have a way of viewing the image file as if it were the actual hard drive and be able to extract just the data files that you wish to have on your new machine. With Norton Ghost this was known as Ghost Explorer.
  3. wembley


    Mar 26, 2006
    Naples, Fl

    Thanks for the info, although it doesn't sound too good! I think R-Drive Image does allow what you say. So does that mean I can pull the program files and the data files that I want to the new laptop, and OS shouldn't have any effect?

    Any one else on update options?

  4. TimK


    Apr 17, 2006
    Hong Kong, China
    Gavin, laptops usually have their own drivers for keyboard, power management, video, LAN etc so even if you find another laptop with XP home you will still run into problems. Validation of Windows should not be a problem though because you can use the seriel number of your new machine.

    If you overwrite the preinstalled OS with your image I think that the laptop should still works, just that you might loss some of the functions (e.g. the keyboard might not be able to control the volume, the SD card reader does not work, etc). If you can find the proper drivers from the manufacturer's site you can probably reinstall the necessary drivers.

    If the laptop comes with XP pro or Vista disk you can, after imnaging the new HDD, upgrade your XP home with the new disk. However, laptops usually comes with "recovery disk", which kight overwrite whatever you have installed. You can ask the shop to confirm this.

    I think the easiest way is actually for you to buy a new laptop, reinstall NC 4.4 etc, and then copy all the files from the old laptop to the new one. You should be able to get back the presets and plug-ins. You'll need to reinstall NC 4.4 to the new laptop first, otherwise it won't work.
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