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Reversed lens setup. With pictures.

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by kramp, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. I have been asked to post a picture of the reversed lens, I was just using duct tape at first so I didn't really want to take a picture but now I made an adapter so it doesn't looks so bad.

    I made the adapter by cutting a hole in a body cap and epoxy gluing a 52 mm filter ring with the glass removed to the body cap, the lens is reversed and screwed into the filter.

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    With the 28mm lens I focused on a ruler to see the amount of magnification and it was 10 mm wide or about 3/8" so that gives 2.37:1 magnification, depth of field is less than a millimeter so for hand held you pretty well need to be braced against something or your keeper ration will be way low.

    These pictures are all full frame the spider, beetle and fly are very small.

    Jumping Spider, he kept jumping on my hand when I was holding the leaf to keep it from moving.
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    Lady bug, I think the spots fell off.
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    Robberfly, lots of Robbers in the yard today but they were pretty active so it was tough to get anything.
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  2. very interseting Martin.
  3. Wow Martin! Thanks for letting out the secret! I like the diffuser arrangement too, very clever.

    I must look at trying this at some point. Would a 50mm lens be any good with the same setup? I know a few people (David Chin for example) has similar setup.

    The pictures are great too, wish I could find critters like these around our place...

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  4. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Very creative Martin. What is your working distance?
  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Great job both pics and lens setup.
  6. Neat setup Martin...!! :) 
  7. Brew

    Brew Guest

    That setup looks a tad rough but the results are outstanding!!!! :) 
  8. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    wow! new project!
  9. Hi Jonathan, a fifty mm would work fine also, more suited for larger insects as the magnification would be around 1:1 and a working distance of four inches.

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  10. Hi Frank, the working distance is just under two inches with the 28.

  11. Thanks. Did some search and found these info which would probably cost a little more then the body cap approach (though the factory body cap can actually be quite expensive...):


  12. The setup has some drawbacks though, like no metering and the viewfinder is very dark because the apperture is set manually and with the 28 you don't see anything in the view finder till your within a quarter inch of the subject, with the 50 mm things are easier to see.

    I still have the Giant Water Bug he lives on a table on our back deck, I took the wire of the cage so he could fly away if he wanted but he stuck around and I found him wondering around the deck a couple of times. He does have a parrasite problem though little mites come out of those white bags stuck on to him.
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    First Crab Spider of the year, she can be found on the same flower every day, blends in so well if I hadn't been looking for here I would have never noticed.

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    Both also with the reversed 28.

  13. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Holy cow Martin. Those are great!! I gotta go lookin' for some of these guys this weekend. 8)
  14. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    You are one cool dude! And much braver than I would be....No way I'd let a spider crawl on me like that!!! Not for a million dollars...not for a picture...not for anything!!!
  15. GreenCoal

    GreenCoal Guest


    I love the colors of your first 3 shots. Were the colors natural -- or did you do any color balancing in pp? Mind sharing your camera settings? You used the built-in flash, right?

    I will be getting my macro-reverse ring soon (didn't have yr ingenuity to improvise) and am looking fwd to try my 24mm. Given yr DOF was < 1mm and working distance < 2-inches for yr 28mm, quite likely my 24mm will be impractical. Any tips?

    Thanks for sharing yr knowledge.

    ps -- suddenly realised, at that close distance, built-in flash probably wouldn't help, right?
  16. Hi Josh, here is some exif, since no metering was used and built in flash was used in manual there is not much info, f11 was the apperture, set manually.

    I boosted the colors about 3 points in capture.

    24 will be tough but it might work, I don't know what the magnifictaition will work out to be.


    Well if your wereing a ball cap and all your pictures are coming out dark it is because the brim is pushing the pop flash closed enough so it won't fire. ;o)

    Looking through the viewfinder is pretty dark at f11 so any light you can keep out of your eye will help, I use an eyecup and sometimes I will shield my eye with my hand also.

    Standing up and focusing on something is tough one trich that helps is grabbing hold of the leaf the subject is on and pull it toward the camera till your hand is touching something on the camera then every thing can sway back and forth together.

    Better yet sit down on the ground and do it you will be much more accurate.


    Equipment Make: NIKON CORPORATION
    Camera Model: NIKON D70
    Camera Software: Adobe Photoshop CS Windows
    Maximum Lens Aperture: f/1.0
    Sensing Method: One-Chip Color Area
    Color Filter Array Pattern: 634

    Image-Specific Properties:

    Image Orientation: Top, Left-Hand
    Horizontal Resolution: 300 dpi
    Vertical Resolution: 300 dpi
    Image Created: 2005:06:23 23:42:46
    Exposure Time: 1/500 sec
    F-Number: f/0.0
    Exposure Program: Manual
    Exposure Bias: 1 EV
    Metering Mode: Center Weighted Average
    Light Source: Unknown
    Flash: Flash, Auto, Return Not Detected
    Focal Length: 0.00 mm
    Color Space Information: sRGB
    Image Width: 3008
    Image Height: 2000
  17. Thats a good chart Jonathan, Josh should look at it to see what he will get with his 24 mm lens reversed.

    Thanks for the link.

  18. Hey its a Jumping Spider there considered to be the cutest of spiders, see the nice big adorable eyes.

    Thanks for the comment Leigh!

  19. Amazing set of images. The lady bug is so colorful and the little hairs on the leave are great. Thanks for sharing your story and your setup.
  20. GreenCoal

    GreenCoal Guest

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