Reviewing the Z system one year after it was born

May 5, 2005
SW Virginia
I don't give this writer a lot of credibility. He seems to be picking all the negative comments he can find and ignoring the positive ones. For instance, he says the Z lenses are "quite capable" but most of the reviewers I have read say they are the best lenses Nikon has ever made.

And to nitpick his writing, he says "...Nikon’s strategy apart from making a high-end body was to compliment their cameras with affordable, but still solid, lenses...". That doesn't compliment his writing capability very much.
Jul 8, 2019
SF Bay Area, California, USA
Not a very objective/even or knowledgeable review.

A new mount isn't necessarily for today, it is for the next 20+ YEARS.
The F mount has been with us for over 50 years.
But Nikon had so many variations of the lens coupling mechanism on the F mount that it is crazy. I need to look at a compatibility chart when I look at a lens to determine if it will work with my camera. Compare to Canon where any EF lens will fit an EF body (at least to my knowledge). Hopefully the Z mount will fix that going forward, and not repeat the F mount coupling confusion.
So the fact that there isn't a lens today, that takes advantage of the large size of the Z mount is not a negative. "Today" is a shortsighted view of a core LONG-term item. Lenses and cameras will change, but the mount will be with us for a LONG LONG time. I will not be alive (or at least not shooting a DX/FX camera) when Nikon changes to another mount in 25+ years.

No mention of the EVF.
I found the EVF a HUGE benefit in difficult lighting conditions. I don't have to shoot, chimp, check, repeat, until I get the exposure right. With an EVF, I can see the exposure in the EVF in real time, and quickly and easily dial in the correct exposure. And BTW, in bright sunlight, the back screen of my dSLR is almost useless for checking exposure.
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