Riverside Airshow...

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  1. Just a few shots so far.. Busy weekend with two airshows on teh same weekend.. Riverside Posted here and Pt. Mugu on Sunday...

    70-200 + TC17E II
    ISO 250


    Heritage Flight

    Hawg A-10 and P51 Mustang

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    May 1, 2005
    The big Bird in a 60 Degree bank, Oh yes! I imagine the pilots, even with hydraulics, were pulling hard on the yoke! would love to be in the cockpit for this, :eek: :biggrin:

  3. Where are the clouds ? You should have taken the cloud maker with you :) I guess June will be first Airshow of this neck of the woods. Did you shoot these with your big gun 200-400 ?
  4. Nope sorry no clouds that day.. clear skies... For these I used the 70-200 but i did have the 200-400 with me and used it as well but the formations were so close, the 200 was too much and for the C-17 it is way too much lens...
  5. THanks Wade... Pretty neat how they just threw this big plane around the skies and even did a short runway landing and take off...
  6. Very nice images Eric. I really like #1, old vs new.
  7. Two great shots again from the Desert Rat!!! Thanks for sharing them Eric.
  8. Thanks..
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