Robin meets berry

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Bohdan, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Should I?

    yeah...why not..
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  2. Very nice, clarity is beautiful Bob.
  3. Thanks Louis
  4. Great image quality Bob.
  5. Thru the win?
    Good looking shots bob
  6. Thanks Reggie
    Nah. Down in Hamilton visiting. Outside D850 with 300 Pf an 1.4 tcIII. Significant crop
  7. I’m on my iPad mini now and these shots are awesome but they should be for that gear
  8. They came out pretty good feather detail. Who knew you don’t have to shoot through a window
  9. Well your windows are pretty clear and then there’s that warm chair:)
  10. The chair and my dog on my lap...and a glass of wine....what else do I need
  11. A robin and a berry ?
  12. A second glass of wine!
  13. The grape of course

    Ok well maybe just one
  14. Good detail on this excellent shot.
  15. Thanks Gordon..
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