Rock Dreams

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  1. Listening to some old Elvis records today got me in the mood for some Rock Dream photos ..... hope you enjoy.


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  2. Bob, I like the color and drama of the first one, but I'd prefer it without Elvis in the scene. BTW, what is the white stuff at the top of the image?

    I like Elvis better in the second and really like the transparencies and blending in this one. I think I'd be inclined to transform the background image and make it larger though and put a shadow behind Elvis and maybe the car.

    aka beaucamera
  3. Virginia,

    Thank you for your input ....... not sure what the white is at the top of the inside imagine. I'll see if I can paint it out. I'm not sure what you mean by "transform the background image" on the second one. I really appreciate your help on this.
  4. Virginia,

    I think I corrected the white at the top of the photo. I also made Elvis a touch taller as it looked a little out of proportion in the first one. Thanks for bringing the white matter to my attention.
  5. Bob when you have your background layer selected, in PS, go to the edit menu. One of the options is "transform". Select scale and you can change the size of your image.

    aka beaucamera
  6. The reason I didn't care for Elvis here was his clothing didn't seem to match the modernistic styles within the rest of the image. Don't think he'd be driving a car like that, for instance. I do like his proportion better now though. Maybe a white suit would have been better....?????

    aka beaucamera
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