Rock Wren???

Discussion in 'Birds' started by 3stones, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. While testing the Sidekick and the short foot, I spotted this guy in the woods. It probably stood too close to the minimum focus distance of my lens and the image is a little fuzzy.

    Is it Rock Wren?

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  2. No idea on the bird, how do you like the combo :smile:
  3. Keith, I really enjoy the combo. With the short foot, the lens is right at the center of the tripods. In addition the front and rear balance can be properly adjusted because of its long track. The Sidekick makes the lens to swing up and down very easy. I strongly recommend the combo!

    I still need time to get used to the big lens. I'm not quite comfortable with its minimum focus distance of 20'.

    Now the big problem is where to find a good place to shoot in my local area.
  4. Answer to my own question: Wrong! The bird ID is Brown Thrasher, very popular in TX.
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