Rockclimbing + 'zooming with your feet'

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Skunkabilly, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. It's said with primes that you zoom with your feet. That can be problemating when rock climbing. I was too lazy to carry my 18-200mm VR. Pretty darned lazy.


    Greetings from Joshua Tree NP

    My friend sees me teetering over the edge. "Hold on, I have to back up to get that climber in the background!"

    Mike practices setting anchors.

    We used up the day's remaining light to go on a short hike afterwards.

    Nothing special, but it was fun to not be able to zoom, nor zoom with my feet, to work with what I got.
  2. Very nice! I like foot zooming - it makes you think more when composing. This is why I have sold all my zoom lenses and shoot with (MF) primes only.
    I do have a cheap kit lens (18-70) that I got for the occasional no-brainer walk about (has not happened yet though... :smile: ).
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