Rodeo shootin'... Eeeeeeee-haaaaaaw !! (burner!)

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  1. I don't believe I've ever had more fun with a camera in my hand. This was an incredibly small venue. Not like in a stadium, I was sitting on top the same red fance the Riders were, just the opposite side of the arena. CLOSE ! (ready to jump if need be! )
    From dusk (& dust) to nite, I constantly tried to keep adjusted... but.....
    They call it the longest 8 seconds in a man's life.
    I believe it.
    My D200, the Beast wide open, and later w/SB600 Couldn't shoot fast enough with falling light.

    "Old Tucson"


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    sometimes a guy's in the wrong place at the wrong time.. LOL Guy in the white hat!:biggrin:

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    this guy was really P.O.'d :eek:

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    & with my SB600

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    & now, possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.
    Nobody got hurt fortunately..

    Mutton Bustin'

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    Let go of meeeeeeeeeeee :biggrin:

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    even the clowns are kids!

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  2. wbeem


    Feb 11, 2007
    Sanford, FL
    William Beem
    Interesting. I've been meaning to go down to our local Barrel Racing place to shoot some pics, but haven't lined up my schedule with theirs yet. It's still on the list of things to do, though.
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