Rolex 3-Day Event : Dressage

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  1. I had the pleasure of photographing the recent Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event.
    For those not familiar with "eventing" it is a test of horse & rider's skills and abilities in three disciplines:
    Dressage, Cross Country and Stadium Jumping.
    Scoring is done on a negative basis. In other words a perfect score (not gonna happen) would be zero.

    "Rolex" as it is called is one of only four 4-Star events in the world. 4-Stars are the equivalent of a
    Formula 1 Grand Prix, a World Cup match... you get the idea - in the equestrian world it is penultimate.

    This post contains some of my dressage photos. Dressage is the equestrian equivelant of figure skating.
    The riders perform a prescribed set of manuvers in a very controlled, formal and precise manner.
    It was a grey rainy day making action photography a bit more of a challenge.

    Ian Stark of GB


    Olympic gold medalist Bruce Davidson of the USA.
    This shot is after the final salute; his horse Jam gets a pat.

    Heath Ryan & Flame of Australia. They were later eliminated on cross country in a spectacular
    tumble in which fortunately neither horse or rider were seriously injured.


    Ian Roberts of Canada on Napalm

    Bruce Davidson

    Thanks for looking!

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  2. Don,

    I am amazed. These are very elegant. Are you shooting for a magazine? If not you should be.
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Wow so beautiful and so proud.
    Lovely images
  4. Thanks Ty & Gale.

  5. Don,

    These are lovely! Very elegant, and yet showing the hard work that goes into Dressage. Are the horses branded/tatooed? I noticed marks on several of them, never have noticed that before.
  6. Hey Don,

    Such lovely animals & a very "royal" sport. Great shots. Looks like the clouds helped you out.

    Best Wishes,
  7. Beautiful set, Don.

    When I ride myself, I like show jumping. But I love to watch dressage. So elegant and beautiful.
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