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Roll 15

Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by Beezle, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Finally getting to coming around to choosing from the many things I've tried. This roll is one of my favorites, 400TX, and done with stock D76. The difference in grain at 1:1 is too much for my eye. So stock it is.

    I did order up some HP5 to try though. Have to know for sure! :rolleyes: 

    Here is frame 37. Still having edge issues maybe. Need to concentrate on my agitation technique? Can't imagine what else it could be. Using fresh developer, same amount of fluid (250 ml) for the tank (Jobo 1510), Hewes reel, etc. Might be to quick during iversions or something.

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  2. Some images grabbed from the contact sheet. Tried the 10.5 on the F100, and there could be some good kid shots on this one, if I don't say so myself.




  3. Excellent shots!
  4. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Wow! Very cool kid shots, but then you are quite the master of those. Chute No. 2 is both unique and precious. I envy your keeper rate. I am off to shoot in lovely San Diego today, probably on trix and +x for the most part (I also have HIE, but it's difficult to change it on the road, and delta32, but I'll wait for darkness or indoorsness for that.)

    Concerning the edges, it does look like it's an agitation issue, but have you tried using a larger tank? The contact scans you show don't look like they have the problem. Is it only with the outer end of the roll on the developing reel? I do my inversions so that it takes about 2 to 2 and a half seconds from upright to upright, and I arc my arm rather than twist my wrist.

    Oh - I really like the vignette you got from the minifisheye! It's surreal!
  5. Thanks guys. Here's more from this roll.


    Need to try this some more. Not as nice as the 20 2.8 I suppose, but fun. Also been meaning to try the 17-55 on the F100.

    This only looks dangerous.

    Waking up at Aunt Janet's house.
  6. My favorite shot in a while. Not sure why.


  7. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    What a great take from only one roll! Isn't it fun when so many are keepers? I can easily see why that one is a favorite - the composition and lighting are perf!
  8. Impressive shots and tones! This film+Dev combo is great...

    Inversions don't have to be violent. The goal is simple: make the exhausted developer move away from the film in order to make place for fresh developer on the film surface. Gentle movements or even rolling the tank works well.
  9. Thanks again. Here are even more.


  10. Good stuff here, Ed. Definitely a couple or three or four or more keepers on this roll. :biggrin: Tones are looking good!
  11. Ed,

    I agree with you, I am preferring D76 stock over 1:1. After seeing the photos from this roll, I switched and the difference is noticable. Your son is extremely photogenic and a very willing model. Definitely a few from this roll need to archived.
  12. I save everything, being a photographic packrat. The good, the bad and the ugly. I sure hope hard drive and other storage technology can keep up! At least film is easy to store.

    Thanks for the kind comments.
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