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  1. Our local Fish and Game Club is the warden of a herd of Roosevelt Elk here on Vancouver Island. I got the chance to go with Howard (over 80 and still going strong!) and try to get some shots of them and hopefully some calves that where just borned last week. No calves but we saw a lot of Elk any way and a surprise at the end...




    Roads are not for luxury sedans...

    And finally in the distance over 250 meters away, my first Blackbear

    This of course looks really small on the internet, so here is a 100% crop. taken on a beanbag, on the roof of the car at ISO 250 and about 250 meters...
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  2. WOW! My heart is still racing! What beautiful photos! And that bear! WOW! What a Blessing to see so much beauty in 1 day! WOW! Keep em comin!
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Teriffic Andreas
  4. Andreas it must have been a thrill for you to get the bear shots. I am surprised it's your first given where you live. Have you been to Tifino(sp)? We saw lots of black bear when we were there. Hope to get you down here one of these days and shoot with you again. Hope all is well to the north. Very nice captures your have here.
  5. Super shots Andreas, your first and last shots are beautifully captured.

  6. Super shots Andreas, You have set a tough standard here
  7. Nice one's. I already felt a bit uncomfortable by merely watching them on the PC. (I have respect for anything with 4 feet and probably higher than me. :wink:)
  8. That is a beautiful series of shots. The first one is particularly nice.
  9. Andreas,

    wonderful shots & congratulation on the wilderness experience. Must have been great.

    I saw a doe & two fawns while riding my horses yesterday. Needless to say I did not have the D200 with me. I see so much wildlife when I ride, come on foot & there's nothing.... I guess the horses make me less threatening. ;-)

  10. technick


    Jun 8, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    Wonderful shots!!!
  11. Stick around if you want calves -- the cow in the first photo very pregnant. Interesting, in the foothills west of Denver we see most calving finished by now. Of course, this season my 80-200 was in the shop...
  12. Well Thank you, We went out yesterday put a luittle Salmon net pen project in the water. we are rasing 36,000 little chinook Salmon in little pens with anet on them, and can you beleive it we saw 4 bears on the shore, just next to it. I didnt not have a good lesn for bears with me on the boat but got a couple barealy usable, I will post them later...
    Thank you Gale
    Thank Jim, yes it is odd isn't it, but I will be looking for the more now.
    Thank you! I was hopiong for better light, a bit harsh...
    Oooh thank you I can and will do better wating fro August and the big bulls with thier antlers...
    The blackbears peraly handled are not much danger actually, the Elk with calves, might be adifferent story...
    Thanks Cliff
    Thank you isn't it odd that we tend not to have the camera with us when we really need it?
    Thank you!
    Yes she sure was ready to pop other clearly had done so, the weathewr has been bad the last week so we have not beeen able to go out, it rains a lot here...
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