Rose Breasted Grosbeaks

Discussion in 'Birds' started by jryoung1947, May 1, 2007.

  1. These are a new arrival at least for me...Striking.

    I hope this is the female. I pulled out my guide and was surprised when I looked this up.
    No doubt I'll be straighted out if I am wrong.

  2. bioalkemist

    bioalkemist Guest

    Not trying to do any "straightening" but the female looks like a female (or perhaps juvenile) red-winged blackbird to me. Notice the differences in bill shape? Also, you can see some splotches of redish color on the wing. Anyway, red-winged blackbird is my guess! Nice shots of the grosbeak, though. I hear a lot of folks are seeing them at feeders this year. What was a rarity is now common! Lucky for photographers!
  3. Thanks the bills are different. Man they were a surprise to me. Thanks for looking.
  4. John
    One of my most favoritte species and I hardly ever get to see one. Thanks for sharing these. I do not believe the female is the same species.
  5. My nemesis bird this year! I missed getting a clean shot on this migration so I'll have to wait 'till next year. Thanks for posting these!

  6. BirdLady


    Jan 8, 2006
    Nice pictures and I am glad you got to capture some. I have them in my yard every year for the last nine years. I had 50 yesterday morning and I still have around 20. The last picture is a 1st summer male Red-winged Blackbird.
  7. Thanks Debbie, your posts and feeding thoughts have really helped me. All comments much appreciated.
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