Roseate spoonbills

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  1. A visit to Flamingo Gardens in Davie,FL, a center for injured animals

    Birds were so close that I was below focusing distance on my 80-400VR in many cases.



    On this one, I had to switch to the only other lens I was carrying, believe it or not, a 35mm F/2!
  2. A week and no comments? Criticisms then? Always willing to learn...
  3. BirdLady


    Jan 8, 2006
    Nice series, Alex!
    I think most people prefer to see the whole bird. First one has clipped wings and all are missing the feet. I personally like all of them. I know you couldn't help it.
  4. Good job preserving the detail in the whites Alex.
  5. All of the pictures seem a bit cool and muted. Great job capturing detail in the feathers though. :smile:
  6. nice series of shots Alex