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RRS MH-01's are backordered so I need

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Randy, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. some more advice
    I don't want to put the 400 on the 3232 head with the RRS clamp because the 3232 is prob way undereated for the 300

    How about reversing the bolt at the top of the gitzo monopod and screwing the monopod directly to the 400's monopod foot ?

    The only worry I have is the the small end of the bolt is very short (not alot of threads) and doesn't look too strong

  2. Randy, I've just screwed the monopod 3/8th screw into the foot of the lens (if I recall, the foot has two or four threaded holes in it). If you can trust it to hold the MH-01, you can trust it to directly hold the lens.

    Or, if you have a RRS/Arca Swiss foot already for the lens, I just threaded the BH-55 right to the monopod and used that with the requisite RRS foot.
  3. i assume the mh-01 screws to the other end of the bolt, the thicker and longer end like the 3232 does...so I wouldn't use the 3/8th end for anything

    the replacement foot is in the order w/ the mh-01...but i might have to call rrs and get in sent 1st and then I can use my current rrs bp-pro clamp that I have bolted to the 3232 and just mount it directly to the monpod (i hope it attaches to the larger end of the bolt)...

    but it's nice to know you have used the 3/8 end and it holds ok....i'd hate for that bolt to snap, which reminds me i need to call my insurance agent w/ the new serial#
  4. Not sure I picture what you mean by "other end of the bolt." I use a Manfrotto 680B, and out of the mounting base it just has a spring-loaded 1/4"/3/8" dual stud sticking up. It's what the whole ball-lead BH-55 or monopod head MH-01 mounts to. I just screw that stud into the foot.
  5. one end is the 1/4 and one is the 3/8...the 1/4 is the end I don't wanna use and it is the end that will screw into the standard 400 foot

    rrs is gonna send me the 400 replacment foot next week and i'll use my current rrs bp-pro clamp and mount it to the 3/8 end of the bolt/stud and i will be ok except for no vertical movement
  6. MMarz


    Sep 15, 2007
    Long Island, NY
    Randy, don't trust the 1/4 bolt. Not sure if the foot will be tapped for the larger bolt, but certainly exhibit more patience (than you are already) and either use the larger bolt without the 3232 or wait for the MH-01. That sure looks like a nice solution..leave it to RRS..
  7. thx micahel
    the rrs clamp i have now will accept the 3/8" end of the bolt and RRS just shipped me the repalcment foot so I will be ok
  8. KeithR


    Jun 21, 2008
    Most of the pro's that I know that don't use clamps, screw the pod directly to the lens mounting hole, and this is usually 1/4-20. I always felt that was not a stong connection, but I did see alot of guys(and gals) do it this way. I do know one guy that screwed his Canon(now Nikon) 400 2.8 to the 3232, and I think he just used the 1/4-20 thread. And you are right to assume that the 400 on the 3232 is a bit much. They're really not made for one another. I adopted the QR way along time ago, first with the Bogen Hex clamps, until I heard about RRS.
    Sorry to hear about back order.:frown: That's the second time they've run out since they were introduced in June. That should tell you what people think of them!
    I ended up waiting about 5 weeks for mine, but man is it worth it.

  9. thx for info keith
    i called rrs this afternoon and they shipped the foot and they paid shipping...they are a very good company and they make great stuff...they also said stay away from that 1/4" bolt...hard to understand how someone could screw $13K worth of gear to that little bolt
  10. KeithR


    Jun 21, 2008
    Have to agree with that! I've got another preseason game(MN vs Pittsburgh) tomorrow night and I'll make a check of how many I see with pods screwed directly to the lens as opposed to a QR clamp like I use. Since most(if not all) mounting holes on lenses are 1/4" I don't think I'll be surprised to see virtually everyone have the pods screwed to the lens. To be honest, I think I'm the only one that uses a QR clamp, but then I used to be in mechanical design and the clamp just seemed like the most logical thing to have. And I have seen people get hit and have the pod snap off the lens. Either the stud gets sheared off(the stud staying in the hole), or the mounting hole gets stripped and becomes useless. And you only need 2-3 threads for a good fit, but with that kind of $$$ in equipment, and what I shoot, I just don't like the odds! And yes, I've been hit a couple of times, the last time maybe 30 years ago, but luckily no lenses were damaged(only the ego:rolleyes: )
  11. Not sure about Nikon, but my Canon 400 IS had both a 1/4 and 3.8 thread.

  12. KeithR


    Jun 21, 2008
    As a follow up, during last nights yawn(MN vs Pittsburgh) I took note of Mpods screwed directly into the long lenses(or on a 3232 head), both 300 & 400 2.8's. I only saw 2 poeple using the 3232 and all the rest had the lens screwed onto the pod. Other than myself, no one had a QR system. One of the team photogs assistant is in camera sales and I asked him if he knew which lenses use 1/4" or 3/8". He said that generally only the really big lenses like 600, 800 have the 3/8" and all the rest are 1/4". I asked some of the people I know on the sidelines why they didn't use a QR. Everyone sited cost as a reason and a few didn't put much trust in them. Of course it's their choice, but since I've used it for over 15 years(two different systems) I've never had a failure with either system(knock wood).
  13. i was at the Carolina Panther's game (as a fan) and was counting also and 100% were connected to the monopod directly. Funny how cost is a reason to not go QR when the lens is 8k & body is 5k and the qr is $200.
    I guess the 1/4" bolt holds up but I won't use it.
    Anyway I am waiting until Thursday to try my 400 (great will power) when the rrs foot arrives. The mh-01 is 3 weeks out at least.
  14. Randy,

    A Grade 8, 1/4" bolt is pretty darned strong (I think it's rated between 160-200 lbs "shear-strength" at the root of the threads, and over 4000 lbs tensile strength, so as long as it's tightly screwed down and the foot can't wobble on the monopod base plate it would likely be fine. But I know I would be nervous all the same. As mentioned, thousands of shooters do trust that tiny bolt without issue.
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