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Rugby shoot

Discussion in 'Photojournalism, Candids and Street Photography' started by malfayu, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. I was quite saddened when i took these pictures of our school match about a month ago as i desperately wanted to be on the pitch, but it would have been a stupid idea since i broke my finger just a week before this. Thought i'd make the best use of my free afternoon, so...




    Now that's why you can't play with a broken finger.
  2. Man I miss that game. My back just won't let me play any more. I was a lock for 7 years. Nice hit in the last photo.
  3. Great to meet a fellow player here Matt! I play on the right wing and got myself a pretty cool nickname- the kamikaze truck:biggrin:, but recently i had to tone down my play as i had a few bad knocks on my head and i don't think any more will be good for my brain.:frown: Not as much fun, but at least i won't completely destroy myself in the process.
  4. Yeah it will beat you up. I have done in both knees, my shoulder, my back, and broke a wrist at a drink up. Take care of that head. We had scrum half lose the feeling and control of the muscles on one side of his face after a big hit. He eventually healed but it was many months in coming. Keep posting rugby shots. I for one enjoy them.
  5. patrickh


    May 4, 2005
    Thousand Oaks
    I also enjoyed those rugger pics. I grew up on the game back in the UK - gave up when the bumps got too severe and I didn't heal in time for cricket. Sympathize over the broken finger - bad timing. Keep sending those pics in - I love the memories.
  6. Thanks guys, my finger's healing quite nicely now, lucky that it was my left pinky finger which got broken, so it didn't stop me from handholding my 70-200mm 2.8 while taking these pics. The keeper ratio for my shots are quite low at the moment, the AF on my camera is way off, so i had to resort to manual focussing all these pics, it's kinda hard to MF through the D70 viewfinder. :mad: 

    BTW which exposure mode do you sports photog shoot at? i use stright matrix on my D70, but the metering is rather unpredictable for me, i get loads of blown out highlights on the shirt, or just a dark stiloutte. Is it better to shoot in M mode? i shoot in A mode all the time, normally at f4 for these shots. Also which format do yu guys use? i use RAW normally and convert through C1 PRO but for these i used JPEG fine just for the deeper buffer. Would the D70 let me shoot sports in RAW adequately? i use a Sandisk Ultra 2 card. I'd love to shoot RAW coz i don't like the JPEG's at all, they'r just not crisp enough.

    Anyway here are more rugby shots, these are the few keepers that i got



    Our captain, a spectacularly nimble fly half.



    The spectators, couldn't help but set my focus on her:biggrin:
  7. Now that is a great photo!! Keep it up.

    We called these young ladies "Rugger Huggers". I even married one.
  8. Hi Malf

    I shoot a lot of rugby: my eldest son plays League and my younger son works with Leeds Rhinos and Leeds Tykes and plays Union for a local team.

    I use one of two methods depending on the light and lens combination:


    Aperture priority set to the largest aperture in order to achieve the fastest shutter speed (but thus sacrificing depth of field)...


    Shutter priority at 1/500 with Auto ISO (there might be noise but at least I'll get a picture).

    I always use centre weighting.

    Union shots are fairly straightforward because there are so many set-pieces (line-outs and scrums that take forever for pedantic referees to get right) and the games is sooooooooooo predictable.

    Do yourself a favour and watch as much League as possible. It's a far superior sport but more of a photographic challenge because the games flow and are much less predictable.
  9. Rob


    Jul 28, 2005
    Truro, Cornwall, UK
    Come on Clive, don't sit on the fence.:biggrin:
    Great big Northern Softie doesn't want his ears hurt in a scrum.:eek: 

  10. Rob

    I represent that remark. :smile:

    I'll have you know I haven't been expected to go anywhere near a scrum since my IQ overtook my chronological age!
  11. :biggrin: I don't know Clive. Cauliflower ears are attractive....At least my wife thinks so!! As a second row man I have to say that I still love the set play and that league stuff is for the birds:biggrin:
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