Rugby with new 70-200VR & TC14-II

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Paul Evans, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. I had been disappointed with the sharpness of the Rugby photos I took last year with my 80-400VR. I thought the problem cound be with how quickly the lens could autofocus.

    So for this year I bought a 70-200VR with a TC14-II - the following photos are my first attempt on a cloudy day... all shot hand held, wide open at F4, auto ISO.

    I am pretty happy with the results... although they do appear a little washed out. I guess I should have increased the saturation in Capture. I suppose they are washed out because I was shooting wide open.... just a guess ...

    I would appreciate any CC... (it is so hard to be objective with this rather subjective hobby of ours!)..




  2. i am very disapointed w/ my 1.4tc on my 70-200 shooting baseball & soccer...AF is soft and misses often
    I even sent the stuff to nikon to be checked....
    on my 300/4 i like the TC alot
    I wonder why ? I shoot a d200 but that shouldn't matter
    Anyway I have the 70-300VR that does a good job

    i like your 1st & 3rd shots alot...nice faces and action
  3. I have a 300 F4 also... I will try it out next week. It will be interesting to compare the 70-200VR + TC results to the 300 F4 shots. Hopefully 500/sec is fast enough to keep the 300 f4 shots sharp.
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    Cool shots Paul, please keep them coming. Rugby is a darned manly sport.
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    They don't look washed out to me Paul. I think you always have to decide for yourself if you want the faces perfect or not. If you do, you always end up blowing the highlights a bit especially on sunny days. I set me camera to "Less Contrast" to minimize blown highlights but tough to do unless you are willing to spend a whole bunch of time in post which I do not like to do.
  6. thanks Alex, Frank and Randy...

    I appreciate your feedback!
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    they don't look washed out at all .... but prehaps a tad more saturation would help a bit .... im suprized that the 70-200 focused fast enough for you .....nice job !! looking forward to seeing your results with the f4