Rumored FX Nikon Z5 to be announced next week

Oct 9, 2005
Moscow, Idaho
I as well am curious here. I’ve the T 14E - III and that is great on the 300/4PF. if they can get that or better levels of IQ, there will be a lot of happy Z mount users out there.
I'm wondering the same things....seems odd -- and I don't recall seeing TC's on the 'road map'.

Yeah, that's what got me curious. Why have a TC without long glass, eh!
Mar 4, 2005
Los Angeles, USA
how is the rear lcd in Bright sun on the J5? One of my biggest issues with rear lcd is shooting in sunlight and not having a clearview. I’ve never used a 1 series before, but they do interest me from time to time. Especially now with used market prices.

Not great if you're on a sunny beach, but the LCD on my J5 is decent enough. Plus the battery life is actually quite good on that camera.

Honestly, the J5 is my pick mainly because of the sensor and the ability to really pull out the raw files. Plus I have the option of mounting my F-mount glass for some extra reach.
Mar 20, 2017
Central Ohio
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Hmm...300PF+TC-14EII/III+FTZ or 300PF+FTZ+TC-1.4...which one will be better? Interesting to see these comparison in near future!

well, I will be able to provide sample images from a Z6, FTZ + TC14EIII. Maybe I can get to the zoo or a park here in the next few days to try it out and have some sample images up soon.
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