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Sac Area: Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Discussion in 'Special Sessions, Events, and Tour Announcements' started by RecalcitrantRon, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Well folks, I took a look at my previous shots from Effie Yeaw and if we want bucks in velvet, now is the time to go. How does Saturday August 18 look for an early morning outing (sunrise until about 9 am or so when the light is nice and the mosquitos are not) followed by breakfast at the local Waffle House down the street?

    Here is a link to my Effie Yeaw Gallery


    Here is a link to the Effie Yeaw web page


    This was taken in June of last year.

  2. Ron,

    I would also be interested in going. How far away is Effie Yeaw Reno? I'll be coming from Fallon, NV which is another hour farther east.

    God Bless,
  3. It is in Sacramento so I would say about 2 hours from Reno. 3 hours each way is of a long haul to shoot a small nature preserve, but don't let me discourage ya!
  4. I don't mind traveling that far if it is worth the drive. I'd just need to wake up earlier than everyone else to go.

    God Bless,
  5. Hi,
    I plan on joining you. Do you have a start time? It's on my calendar for the 18th.

  6. the Scoop

    So here is the deal. I went out ot EYNC both Saturday and Sunday mornings before sunrise. I have never had two leaner outings in terms of wildlife there before. 1 buck and a doe on Sat, 4 does and a fawn on Sunday. Now things change so 1 day is not necessarily indicative of another. Just wanted you all to know. The USNO says civil twilight begins at 5:53 a.m. with a sunrise at 6:22. Normally I would say 6:30 is fine; however we may want to chase a sunrise. There was a bank of haze/fog to the east on Saturday and the sun that morning was nothing short of spectacular. A true fireball. Check it out. This was taken at 6:29:52 (and I just checked the clock on my d70 and it is accurate).



    So I would say lets meet at 6am in the parking lot. As far as the temperature, it was mild and I wore long pants, a t-shirt with a thermal top which was tied around my waist by 7am. your mileage may vary.

    See you all at 6.
  7. Huff09


    Feb 25, 2007
    Carmichael, CA
    I'm in. . . . I've got a buddy who I shoot with and would enjoy coming along. He and I have shot at EYNC several times (as well as all over the area).

    He's a Canon guy and is dying for a good opportunity to try out his new 70-200 f/2.8.

    Hopefully no MNO's (Militant Nikon Owners) who will be offended at the early monring sight of Canon glass.:biggrin:

    He has a new baby so may not be able to go anyway. Either way, I'll see you at 6:00.
  8. Well...

    I suppose we could allow a Canonista or two. but you had better warn him, the bears love to eat photographers with those white lenses first! :wink:

  9. The Military Calls

    This weekend I will not be able to come. I have some reserve troops coming in for training. Hopefully I can make the next outing. Have fun for me while you are there. I look forward to seeing your photos.

    God Bless,
  10. Sorry you can't make it. Train those young men and women good and keep 'em safe.
  11. Jennybenny

    Jennybenny Guest

    Hi I'm new to this site and I would love to come and check out the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. I own Nikon products but will also be sporting my Canon EOS Rebel XT, hope that is okay!!

  12. See...we already made one exception and now look at what's happening! Its a regular invasion. Of course you are welcome. See ya on Saturday.
  13. Huff09


    Feb 25, 2007
    Carmichael, CA
  14. Hi there,

    I would be interested in going back to Effie Yeaw again. Especially to capture the changing seasons. Let me know, so I can join you.

  15. Ron, When might your next trip be? I was able to see some of the photos on Nikonians. They looked good and it looks like a great place to shoot. I should not have any more training weekends until next year.

    God Bless,
  16. I'm thinking about a quick trip back on Saturday morning, but that may be a game time decision.

    Here are 2 from the following Sunday.


    View attachment 109602
  17. It is a bit late for me to head out that way tomorrow and Labor Day weekend I'll be in VA with my girlfriend. Would you all be interested in doing another outing say 15 Sept?

    God Bless,
  18. Initially I'll say yes to you offer. I'll contact you next weekend to finalize everything.

    God Bless,
  19. Taking the day off tomorrow so I'll be out there Friday at about 7:00 am. I'm planning on a Saturday trip too about 6:30 am.
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