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Sad Day for Steve King

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by mike mac, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. So sorry to hear about your loss this afternoon, Pudge is now a Yankee I know that must be hard to say. My sincere condolences. Cant wait to see when he comes back to town and you shoot him with pinstripes, I am sure that will be bittersweet. Hang in there!
  2. I just heard it on the news seconds before I clicked on this link and knew what it was before reading it.

    My first reaction? NOOOOO!

    My second reaction? who did we get in return??
  3. Kyle Farnsworth
  4. These days, we just root for laundry, really.

    I still remember the feeling when Dale Murphy was traded (no offense, Mike) to the Phillies in '90.

  5. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Pudge went to the Yankees with Farnsworth in return? Wow, somehow I think the Yankees got the better end of the deal. I wonder what Steve is going to use for his next avatar.
  6. Steve is Yankee fan now!
  7. Sean
    The days sure have changed I knew when I was a kid you could hang your hat on a team and the players stayed there throughout their careers. These days they come and the go I like it the old way.
    No offense at all in fact we were on the recieving end of Pete Rose and let me tell you it felt good. SO I am sure the Yankee fans are thrilled
  8. Can we send Manny to Detroit? :biggrin:
  9. Strong rumors of Manny going the Marlins, but I dont see it
  10. wow...
    sorry for steve
    if manny really goes to the marlins... that will be the most bizarre trade in a long time
  11. Alright Mike!!! You're KILLING ME... AARRRRGGGGHHH!!!
    I guess I deserve that for all the Polanco references, but it still hurts, even more than the broken middle finger on my right hand does now! BTW I did that while working, NOT punching the wall after I heard about this trade.

    Brooks, in a word... NO "f-ing" way!! I'll never be a Yankees fan, but always a Pudge fan. :biggrin:

    Tomorrow is the trade deadline, and since Pudge's contract ran out at the end of the year he was probably gone any way, whether we liked it or not. If Manny came here I would be even more shocked.

    BTW, as you can tell the avatar stays. I've been a Pudge fan for years before he became a Tiger, so I'll just wait until I get another good shot to change over to for the time being. Hmm, DP anyone? :wink:
  12. Simba909


    Mar 2, 2006
    Miami, FL
    Manny is all over the sports news here in Miami, Marlins really trying to make it happen. Steve I can understand why you are a Pudge fan, I had the pleasure of meeting him while he was in Miami. My wife was his step sons teacher and he attended various school events even after he was traded to the Tigers. What a nice guy. I think I have pictures of me with him on the golf course. I also got to meet Polanco once. I'll try to dig up the pictures and post them.
  13. Dave


    Feb 7, 2007
    Suwanee, GA
    Sorry for the loss Steve...although we lost Teixeira, but at least we got something back for him in the form of a Major League ready first baseman...although we gave up MUCH more for Tex than what we got in return...
  14. Steve know I already called you about this but hey like every one else has said sorry to see Pudge go. He was a class act, loved him while he was in Texas, as well as Miami where I got to see them win the WS, was a little disapointed when he went to Detroit afterwards but understand it is business. Now with him with the Yankees it stings a little but like you said he was most likely going to be leaving at the end of the season anyways.

    Either way I know you'll continue to pump out those great Polanco images as well as many others.

    All I know is I have mixed feeling about Manny getting the boot, although the way he has been acting he doesn't deserve to be with my Sox.
  15. tjk60


    Dec 4, 2007
    troy, mi

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  16. Well, Manny's going to the Dodgers of all places....pretty complicated deal:

    To Red Sox
    Jason Bay

    To Dodgers

    Manny Ramirez

    To Pirates
    Craig Hansen (from Red Sox)
    Brandon Moss (from Red Sox)
    Andy LaRoche (from Dodgers)
    Bryan Morris (from Dodgers)
  17. Yeah, but it might actually be a good trade for both teams. Farnsworth has really been pitching well the last month or so.
  18. weird to think of manny wearing dodger blue
  19. More weird to think of Manny playing for Joe Torre. :eek: 
  20. Hate to say it on the Manny trade but it seems like the Sox lost out as they sent out 3 major league ready players and only got one in return. Guess we'll see how it works out. Then again after hearing what Manny had to say yesterday I really hoped they found a way to get him out of BOS. Just wish it didn't cost so much.
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