Sad Eyes

Discussion in 'People' started by David Collignon, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Not sure if I have captured this photo properly as I am still in rookie status, but I was taken by the sadness in this young ladies eyes. Fortunately I know this young lady as I work with her Mother...and aside from these sad little eyes.... she is one sparky little lady. While I didn't take the original photo, I thought I would take a shot at adding a bit of processing.
    love some comments

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  2. Very dramatic lighting that is enhanced by the sepia toned processing. Quite creative and well done.
  3. Thanks Gordon,

    My mentor, (Doug Barber) was away so I had to go it on my own.
    Always appreciate comments......good or bad
    It's the only way to learn
  4. Angelo


    Sep 19, 2005
    Los Angeles, CA
    Not sure??? Rookie???

    Stop teasing. This is a fabulous shot!!!!!
  5. Thanks Angelo

    But still a rookie...........and loving every minute of it.
  6. Dave,

    With her beautiful green eyes and red hair, I think she also looks good in color with a touch of glamour.

  7. Hi Glenn,

    It most certainly does and thank you.
    Gay had sent that off to me yesterday and I had forwarded to the girl's mom.
    Thanks for the tips
  8. Hi Dave,

    Certain images just seem to shine after some postprocessing. I find that others can be PP'd to death with little benefit. This shot that Gaye forwarded for me to work on reacted well to everything I did in Photoshop.

    The young girl has an expressive and photogenic face. It's always fun to work on that kind of subject. You should ask the girl's mom to keep sending you shots to work on. I find myself running out of PP practice material with my camera-shy daughters, so was glad to get this one to work on.

    Your sepia version turned out great. Presents a very different and dramatic mood.

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