Saint Petersburg Pier Aquarium

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  1. We decided to do something a little educational this past Sunday.

    I don't claim to be a very good indoor photographer. The Nikon D300's Active D-Lighting helps a great deal. The only flash photo was of my son.

    Floor to ceiling salt-water tank:

    Very nice tanks plus weather/sea exhibits:

    Lots of color:

    The favorite tank for the FIL and myself. A "good eatin'" tank....snook, redfish, grouper, flounder.....yummy!

    Son feeding a shrimp to a lobster:
  2. Hi Brian,

    Very nice pictures and beautyfull colours.
    Should i buy a D300?
  3. A couple more.....Lionfish:

  4. Thanks!

    Of course! :biggrin: Mine continues to impress me.
  5. Absolutely stunning shots:wink:
  6. I let you know when i do so