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  1. Pulled this lens out of storage. Glad I did.


  2. The B&W is great (look at them eyes! :wink:), but the color picture is just fantastic: what a mesmerizing smile: you must be over the moon with Sam! :smile:

    Btw, which 50mm is it? I would guess 50 1.4. the AF or manual (AI, AIS) version?
  3. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Eric, These are beautiful...I was just thinking this morning how nice it would be to see some new pics of Sam...and here you go and read my mind!

    She's such a doll...thanks for sharing.
  4. Little Sam is already growing up. Really nice pictures of the little guy. You have my permission to be a proud papa.
  5. I sure am over the moon with her. Thank you Phillipe. It is the 1.4 AF.
  6. Hey Gordon.. the little guy is a girl :) Samatha but I like calling her Sam.:smile:

    Thnxs for your words
  7. Both beautiful, but the smile on the first one is great!
  8. kdraper

    kdraper Guest

    What a cutie! Those are both keepers for sure.
  9. Thnxs Miriam and Ken!
  10. Sweet. Resembles my baby very much.
  11. Thnxs Harry, You must have a beautiful baby :)
  12. Very nice! What a beautiful young lady. Makes me want one.... 50 f1.4 that is :^)
  13. This baby is so adorable...I really like the B/W. The eyes caught my attention and it just looks good in B/W.
  14. Beautiful girl, and a wonderful smile.
  15. Thnak you Melissa and Phil!
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