Same Bat Channel...

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  1. A few more of them panorama mania...

    ISO 100

    First one is obviously Mono Lake Stitched from 10 vertical images.

    These are from Conway Summit in October 2006 Fall Color time... Not sure which of the two are better, they are different compositions slightly...
    Stitched from 14 images.

    View attachment 98543

    View attachment 98544

    This is from Bishop Canyon, something a bit different.. What do you think?
    View attachment 98545
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    May 1, 2005
    Hey Eric,

    Between the two similar shots I tend to prefer the second version, (image number 3) the extra trees on left side and brown hill on the right pull the eye from the main features of the pano, at least these eyes, so that would be my preference, and my favorite of the bunch!

    shot of mono, nicely done once again sir,

    third,......well, as you know I will always tell you if it isn't my cup of tea, so this shot doesn't float my boat. Nicely done and stitched, but I think the background ridge/rock hill seems to much the same for the entire image width. Why do you like that shot, or are you wondering about it too?

  3. Thanks Wade.. I was not sure about the last shot myself.. was curious to know what others think?
  4. I really like them, can I ask your method/approach and also what software for the stitching ?

  5. Thanks.. I use either PTGui or Panorama Factory for stitching...
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