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San Diego Wild Animal Park #2, Nancy's Images....

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Retief, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. For those of you who don't know, my wife Nancy, you can see her with the Giraffes in the "Monday Chuckle" thread, has often asked why I ever take more than one picture of anything. Well, the monster has been unleashed once she started using the D70 with a decent lens, she doesn't ask those questions anymore. I had to buy more CF, my Post-Process has gone way up, and now Nancy complains about missing a flying Tern :lol:

    The full gallery for the Wild Animal Park, so far, is:

    Here are a few of Nancy's.

    C'mon, Ma, not in front of all the PEOPLE!
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    Rhino Nose...good thing he is not Butting In :wink:
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    Doin the Ostrich....or...SR-71A impersonation....
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    The King
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    Tired of All the People...
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    The Lion display here has a viewing area with a glass wall as well as an external area. My Lion shots were from the outside, Nancy took these through the glass and with a bit of caution on how to avoid the reflection, and watch for people reflections especially, I think she did a darned good job.

    Two for Gale....

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    Anybody need a Coolpix 995? I don't think it will get much use anymore :lol:
  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Excellent pics Nancy. Be careful or Bill will get jealous if you keep this up. :wink:
  3. Bill is ALREADY jealous, notice that you don't see any of MY Ostrich or Flamingo images :?: :?: :?:

    One thing that I find really enjoyable is watching how a "new DSLR'rrrr" picks this up, and how quickly they begin understanding how to use the view and histogram information to get better images.

    I probably should not have answered like this, it might now be dangerous to show her this thread........... :oops: 
  4. drueter


    Apr 24, 2005
    Southeast Texas
    Great shots, Nancy! Glad to see your learning efforts are paying off with such nice captures.
  5. I know the feeling. Mary is using the D100 and cant wait for the D200 to come out. She uses my 70-300, so I guess I need a 70-200 for myself. I just ordered a 2 gig card for myself and will give her the 1 gig card I was using.

    This is getting expensive.
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    Great stufff Gal,

    That ostrich is a super pic with the shadow and all.

    Love you flamingo and Buzzard, (just for me) :>)))

    That Lion is no slouch either.

    Make sure Bill processes these right now. lolol Next is a second computer and software so Nancy can do it her way.

    Yeah you guys are lucky to have a partner to enjoy your great hobby with.

    Thanks to both for the great images and sharing your nice vacation with us.
  7. LOL.........

    Beautiful shots Nancy , really enjoyed the series and the interesting perspective in how the shots was composed, you can see some thought went into it, not like Bills shots :roll: I think Nancy should get the D2x and Bill you can shoot the D100, yep thats what I think!!
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    So Bill, time to start listing your lenses
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    and get the pain over with. Im sure if you are real good, Nancy may let you hold the new camera! :p  :p  :p 

    Now I will sit back patiently, lmao
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  8. Nancy,

    Great series in what looks like some pretty harsh lighting conditions!


    A little competition doesn't hurt does it? I concur with Gale, the next thing will be two computers. :)  :) 
  9. Gordon Large

    Gordon Large Guest

    Hey Bill -

    You've get some serious competition for "best photographer in family" now. I really like the lion portrain. Congrats to Nancy. Give her some serious equipment and you are in trouble!

  10. I have been designated as the "Official Replier", so to all, Nancy says "Thank you very much for the kind comments, and now Bill will be his 'normal' self and respond to each individually" :wink:
  11. Don, thanks from Nancy. I think this points out a couple of different things. The first is that equipment can play a large factor dependent upon the type of subject matter one finds of interest. In our case, preferring animals and other moving objects, the current crop of P&S just doesn't cut it in either terms of reach or more importantly the all importan focus and shutter lag speed issues. Now that DSLR's, such as the D70, are small enough along with decent zoom range lenses that are not too heavy more people who can't lug around 8-10lbs have the opportunity to shoot more.

    The second thing is that with digital the learning is so much more immediate, you don't have to wait days to see the results and then need copious notes to remember what you did.

    For Nancy this is making being out with Bill, when he has a camera :wink: , a much less boring experience...... Plus it gives an old married couple one more thing to talk about....
  12. Harris, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one :lol: . I just picked up 2 more 1gb cards while on vacation, $74.99 at Costco yippee, and when we both shoot we sure need them.

    Heck, you don't need a 70-200, you need that 500 AFS :wink:

  13. Nancy says: "Thanks, Gale, we really like your flamingo's. As to the Ostich, they were dancing around that like for several minutes around the trunk, it was quite fun".

    Gale, from both of us, thanks. It is fun, a whole bunch. As to the second computer and processing, currently in the house we have 4 desktop computers, 1 laptop, 2 network appliance file servers, and lordy only knows what else :lol: . The problem now is time, and Nancy makes darned sure that I take good care of her images, funny how that works :lol: :lol:
  14. Re: LOL.........

    Nancy says: "Right On, Keith, a man of clear and wondrous perception".

    Bill says: "P%&#-Off, Bucko" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Definitely worth a chuckle or three..........
  15. Nancy says: "Yes, it was very bright, but you work with what you have, right? Just one more thing to understand, what the heck is this 'compensation' stuff anyway :?: :?: "

    As to 2 computers, see my reply to Gale. If I could only figure out how to split myself to process on both at the same time I might be OK. That's all we need, a multi-threaded me :lol: , now THAT is a scary thought.....

    As to the competition, I think it helps to see how we perceive the same subject differently, and then to expand from there. The only real competition now is who can fill up a card first. Hmm, D70, bigger files that the D2H, yeah, that's why I need the D2X....... :wink:
  16. Nancy says: "Thanks, Gordon, the lions were quite fun. It is amazing to be seperated from them by only the thickness of the glass. Shooting through the glass trying to avoid the reflection was a good thing to learn. And it seems to work well. Thanks. As to serious equipment, the D70 is quite comfortable, the right size and weight. Bill's camera is too bulky and heavy, as are the lenses, so for now this is just the ticket."

    Gordon, it is pretty obvious to me that people can do some amazing bits with the D70. One thing that shows with Nancy, and remember she only had used the D70 once before this vacation, is that being able to "see" neat things goes a long way. Take the Ostrich shot for instance, the whole composition with the shadow is, in my opinion, really cool. I wish I had thought of it. If you look at the gallery you will see the Lion portrait at 2 different focal lengths, one other neat thing to learn. Pretty darned neat, I think.
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