San Francisco - where's a decent hotel at a cheap rate?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JohnR, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. So my family and I are going to California to visit my sister and to do some site-seeing. The last night in CA, we are going to stay in San Francisco since our flight out leaves at 6am!

    Never having been to SF, we are looking for a hotel that is decent, cheap and not in a rough side of town.

    Any ideas?

    Oh, and if anyone knows a cheap place to rent cars, please let me know!

  2. Good luck! On my last visit, parking a car at the hotel was as much as the rental and finding a cheap hotel is impossible.
  3. Had I known all this, I would have flown us into Sacremento instead. But for $144 apiece roundtrip, it was hard to pass up.
  4. We stayed there for a night when we flew in after a cruise. Car was rented at the airport (on site), and we stayed at a hotel that was not very far out from the airport. We were able to find a place that did not charge extra for parking a car, because we weren't down in the city. A "cheap" rate was $120/night (Oct'06). The airport itself is about 30min outside of the city.
  5. Mike Z

    Mike Z

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    We've stayed at the Galleria and at the Triton, both near Union Square, for reasonable rates. Also, there is a series of motels on Lombard, such as the Cow Hollow Inn, while not in the downtown area, which have even more reasonable rates.
    Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks guys. Will check those out.
  7. John, we just returned from a trip to California. We ended up staying two nights at the Park 55 hotel in downtown SF. We had a 180 degree view of the city. We used one of the online sites the day before we left. The room was $120 a night but the parking was $40 a night plus parking. Still a good deal as our room normally went for around $400 a night.
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