San Juan Del Sol, Nicaragua

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  1. We've been really busy lately prepping our house and not paying much attention to the news. Caught it tonight though, and it was like deja vu!

    There's a story of an American man imprisoned for supposedly murdering his girlfriend in San Juan Del Sol, Nicaragua (apparently the trial has some major holes and he's purportedly innocent). This is a TINY little town, and a beautiful one at that. We stopped there on our cruise in October. As they showed clips of the shorline, and the church from which the funeral was processing, hubby says to me "we were there!"

    Now, Americans are being warned away. What a shame, it's a lovely town with sweet people.

    What an odd feeling to see shots of the EXACT places that we were.

    The beach shots they're using (except these are mine from Oct):


    View attachment 87820

    The church where the funeral was held.
    View attachment 87821

    View attachment 87822

    A view down the street that they're using (notice our ship in the harbor)
    View attachment 87823
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    Nice place it looks to me.
    Love #3 and #5. That normal way of life shot´s!
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