Sandyhook, NJ Osprey Shoot Anyone Sunday 7-31? COMPLETED!

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  1. Hi All!
    If any New Jersey/New York members would like to shoot some ospreys I have two great spots to reveal that are so close all you really need is a 200mm or 300mm lens for some fantastic shots. Below links I shot with my D70 and 70-200mm VR lens. If the weather is good we could meet on Sunday, July 31th. We need to keep this a small group no more than 6 members. Sandy Hook, NJ is the location and we need to arrive by 7 am to avoid the shore traffic rush. No cost to enter the park. Please PM me if you’re truthfully interested.

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  2. Hmnmm, 9 hours' driving..... dare I???
  3. Hi Gordon and Mike!
    It was nice meeting you both and I loved hearing those D2X snap away like a machine gun. Hope to do this again with maybe more members…or maybe this should be our little secrete? :wink: